Mildew's Lines

I've received a somewhat garbled short-wave packet transmission from our good friend Flash Mildew. He is currently on a tour of public bus stops in Uganda. It seems that he has been trying out some new "pick-up" lines while waiting around the bus stops. He has asked that I place them here in the archive for his own future reference.

Mildew's Top Ten Pick-up Lines

10. Excuse me -- aren't we married in another state?

9. Pick a card... any card...

8. You look like you could fit into a really small box!

7. Do you have a twin sister?

6. Does your younger brother need entertainment at his 10th birthday party?

5. Does your older brother need entertainment at his 10th birthday party?

4. Baby, I can faro all night long.

3. Wanna go to my place and see my Tenyo collection?

2. I was in a restaurant with my little pal Rocky here, and the waiter came over to my table and said...

1. Would you like fries with that, Claudia?

Disclaimer: Mr. Mildew is a low-life lounge lizard of the lowest order. I do not encourage anyone to follow his example in stage manor, male/female relations, taste in clothes, or personal hygiene.