Mildew in Purgatory

Magician/philosopher Larry Thornton contributed the following story, but he would prefer that I not reveal his connection to Mr. Mildew. I have agreed to refer to him here only as "L.T."

A magician dies and goes to purgatory (where else!). He sees author and magic-exposer Herbert Becker, down in a pit of fire, chained to a hideous demon. The demon is yanking him around like a puppet in the wind.

"Hey, why are you down there with that creature?" yells the magician.

Becker shouts back, "They tell me I sinned when I was alive. And now I'm chained to this monster for penance."

Further on, the magician looks out across a scorching desert and sees Valentino - the Masked Magician, strapped to the back of Satan himself and screaming in agony.

"Hey, what did you do to deserve that?" shouts the magician.

Valentino cries back, "I sinned against my companions on earth. This is my punishment."

Later, the magician sees Flash Mildew manacled to a beautiful woman with gorgeous flashing blue eyes, long blonde hair, and a fantastic figure.

"Wow, what did you do to deserve THAT?" asks the magician.

The blonde replies, "When I was on Earth, I committed a number of sins..."