The Fantasy Video List

I found this list scrawled on the back of a bus ticket in the bottom of Flash's valise. The header read, "Ten video's I'd buy in a New York Minute:"

10. Rudy Coby: "The Magic of Hairspray and Mousse."

 9. Lance Burton: "How to Select Women for your Stage Show Without Spending $10 Million a Year."

 8. Amazing Jonathan: "Annoying the Audience and Escaping Unharmed."

 7. Gary Ouellet: "Underground Work on the Foo Can."

 6. David Copperfield: "How to Attract Women with the Disappearing French Fry Trick."

 5. Marvin Roy: "Magic for Energy Conscious Times: The Floating Fluorescent Bulb"

 4. Amazing Kreskin: "Three Things I Do in My Act that Dunninger Never Did." (still in preparation)

 3. James Randi: "Randi Looks Thru His Pile of Canceled Checks to Lawyers."

 2. Harry Blackstone: "202 Things to Do With a Flat Canary."

...and my #1 fantasy video:

 1. The Pendragons: "Tips on Removing Metamorphosis Splinters from your Naughty Bits."