Team Tentacle Drivetrain Calculator: Brushed

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Operating Voltage: Voltage Constant (RPM/volt):
Stall Amperage: Torque Constant (oz-in/amp):

Weight Class: Low Contrast Text:
Actual Weight (lbs):         
Magnet Downforce (lbs):  
Motors per Side:
Gear Ratio (to 1):
BaneBots Ratios

Wheel Diameter (inches):  
Tire Coefficient of Friction:

Avg % of Peak Current:

Torque (per motor) to spin wheels:   oz-in
Amps (per motor) to spin wheels:
Theoretical Top Speed:  MPH
Total Peak Amps:  Amps
Amp Hours Required - 3 Min:  AH
Amp Hours Required - 5 Min:  AH

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