How many times have you bought or made a new Yu-Gi-Oh deck only to discover that it isn't effective, doesn't match your playing style, or simply isn't fun to play?

I got tired of the trouble and expense and wrote an Excel spreadsheet that will quickly print a full deck of bare-bones cards to play some test matches before you invest in real cards for tournament play. Type in the card names and the spreadsheet will fill in the data, format the cards, and print them out nine to a page.

Aaron's Excel Deck Printer

Just type in the card names for your deck. The spreadsheet includes a database of all the playable YuGiOh cards (updated March, 2019) and will fill in the stats and card text for you.

The spreadsheet also contains data on limited/forbidden cards (January 28, 2019 list) and will note them as you enter card names.

Cards are formatted nine to a page and will print five pages at a time by default. Print on card stock or on plain paper to slip into card sleeves. No graphics, no frills, just what you need to test play.

Two versions of the spreadsheet are available for download:

  1. Aaron's Card Printer.xlsm (1,235 KB) - A macro-enabled version with a handy 'Print' button that takes you to a preview screen and gives you a quick print of the formatted pages.

  2. Aaron's Card Printer.xlsx (1,232 KB) - If you don't trust macro-enabled spreadsheets the 'no macros' version does all the work right up to printing and leaves it to you to preview and print.

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