A final tribute to the Robotica champion Run Amok.

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Run Amok's Last Stand!
Team Run Amok retires veteran robot.

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Time and progress finally caught up with our tough old lawnmower / robot. She won season 1 of Robotica as 'Run Amok', fought hard in Robot Wars as 'Run Away', and even managed a final battle on the new Robot Wars show for Nickelodeon, but the advent of monster weapon motors has just dished out too much cumulative damage on the old girl.

London, England -- January, 2002: we filmed season II of Robot Wars Extreme Warriors and some shows for Nickelodeon where Aaron (age 10) got a chance to drive. Run Away waded into the field with her usual fearless and cavalier battle charge -- nobody was ever more aggressive -- but that wild spirit got her into trouble this time. Although we spent long hours repairing her between rounds, we ran short of spares and barely kept her in the battle as the competition ground onward.

Don't shed any tears. I had enough parts here at the main workshop to put her back together one last time. She's been put out to pasture. Maybe she'll give a demonstration or two, but her combat days are over. I've put the old Robotica armor back on her and hung the Robot Wars weapon on the wall. Watch her final battles on Robot Wars - Extreme Warriors and let me know if you think her last fight was a good one!

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