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Ask Aaron!

My son and team member Aaron Joerger (age 11) is a bit jealous about all the mail that I receive asking about the design and operation of combat robots (send those questions to: He asked for his own question and answer page here at the Run Amok website.

Do you have any questions you'd like to address to Aaron? He's promised me that he'll answer all mail quickly. Write your question below -- include an e-mail address if you would like a direct response.


Your questions and Aaron's answers will be posted below.

Q: What were the best parts about being in the pit area at Robot Wars? (Lance D. - Azusa, CA)

A: I liked being able to see all the other robots close-up. I especially liked the British robots "Tornado" and "Razer". The American robot "Tricerabot" was very impressive at the first Robot Wars Extreme Warriors -- he almost pushed Sir Killalot into the pit! My friend Jerome had an impressive robot named "Unibite" that was pretty strong. It was the first robot to go into the "drop zone". Being in the pits was awesome!

Q: What's your favorite robot? (Anon.)

A: My favorite robot is middleweight Hazard. I really like the spinning blade, and Tony B. is a great driver.

Q: What robots do you fear the most? (Merrick R.-Raleigh, NC)

A: Razer -- the world champion might punch holes in us; Sir Killalot -- every robot builder is afraid of an 1100 pound opponent; Toro -- he might flip us really high.

Q: Do they make robot kits? (Anon)

A: Sure... but not combat robot kits. You can find lots of robot kits at that will teach you a lot about robotics -- plenty of books too. Combat robot kits would be a bad idea. The best thing about combat robots is that they are all different. If a lot of them started being the same it would be lame. Design and build your own!

Q: Do You think that you and your dad will ever rebuild Run Amok and compete in robotica? (Zach Y)

A: Run Amok has been rebuilt to her original design and is fully operational -- but she isn't well suited to the events at the current Robotica. If we were invited back, we would build a new robot for the new events.

Q: Will you ever compete in BattleBots? (Anon)

A: It's too expensive for us to compete at BattleBots. Maybe if we get a sponsor willing to pay our entry fee and travel expenses we might go. It's a lot of work and if you lose your first match you just go home. We're having a lot of fun competing at Robot Wars!

Aaron's Robot Haiku:

My robot can flip
your robot any old day.
See you in the ring.

Q: Do you have any combat robot plans you could send me?

A: There are some really good books about building combat robots that have come out in just the last few months. My favorite is "Combat Robots Complete" by our friend Chris Hannold who has competed in Robotica and Robot Wars. It comes with several sets of plans on CD ROM. You can read more about his book here:
Combat Robots Complete by Chris Hannold

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