A guessing game contest in honor of the 25th anniversary of BattleBots

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BattleBots 25th Anniversary: a Contest
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June 24th, 2024: I received the following message from Team Run Amok's friend Iceywave in Texas:

July marks the 25th anniversary of BattleBots, so I put together a game to commemorate the occasion. No Prizes -- it's just for fun!

Iíve built 24 models of BattleBot competitors young and old in Robot Arena 2. Your job is to guess what bots they're supposed to be. Iím eager to see if anyone can get all of them!

  • Easy - 1 point
  • Medium - 2 points
  • Hard - 3 points
-sincerely, Iceywave




Tie Breaker

Wonder why I didnít have 25 robot images for the BattleBots 25th anniversary? In case of a draw, thatís why!

Hereís the tie breaker image - best guess counts (it wasn't needed):

...plus the winning ballot and info about robot #25.

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