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Run Amok in the test area of Robot Arena 2. Wanna drive Run Amok? -- The new version of Robot Arena is out for your Windows PC and it's very good! Robot Arena: Design and Destroy is a major upgrade to the original Robot Arena. A new physics engine allows the robots to flip, twist, invert, bounce, and dent just like the real things. The construction section is full featured, the paint and finish options are extensive, the arena choices are wild, and multi-player internet is fully supported.

You can download a copy of "Robot Arena: Design and Destroy" for Windows from the Internet Archive. You may also download user-modified versions of the game from GAMETECHMODS.

As a special bonus for fans of Team Run Amok, magician and robot fan Jeff Haas has taken the time to construct and test a beautiful recreation of Run Amok in full Robotica trim for Robot Arena. It drives quite remarkably like the real thing, and is available to download here: (71 KB).

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