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Robot Wars 1994

The inaugural Robot Wars event took place on August 20th, 1994 at the Fort Mason Center, Herbst Pavillion in San Francisco. There were three classes:

  • Lightweight : 10-40 lbs.
  • Middleweight : 41-70 lbs.
  • Heavyweight : 71-100 lbs.
Three events were featured within each weight class:
  • A standard 'Face-Off' tournament with a 5 minute (or maybe 10 minute) time limit (results below).

  • Two 'Melee' fights - there was a lightweight melee with about 6 competitors and a never-repeated all weight-class melee with about 8. Phil Putman's 'Bloodletter' won lightweight and 'South Bay Mauler' took the open event.

  • An unusual and never repeated 'Escort' event where 'bots attempted to protect a defenseless R/C drone from an attacking 'House Robot'. Winners were 'Zomo' (light), 'Omega Ex Machina' (middle), and 'Ramfire 2000' (heavy).
Other prize winners were:
  • Best Design : 'The Master'
  • Best Engineering : 'Ramfire 2000'
  • Strangest Robot : 'Andy Roid'

The original tournament records for the 1994 event are apparently lost. The tournament trees below are the result of my on-going research and reconstruction effort. Special thanks to Mike Bungay who was able to resolve a few of the unknown Heavyweight class matches.

Note that there were two different competitors named Will Wright. Both are very nice people. One (The Julie Bot) co-founded Maxis Software (Sim City, The Sims) and became rich and famous.


Robot Wars 1994 Official Promo (7:59)

Robot Wars 1994 Highlights Part 1 (13:42)

Robot Wars 1994 Highlights Part 2 (9:22)


1994 Robot Wars tournament tree.

Run Amok Combat Robotics homepage Ramfire 2000 - Michael Sorensen, Dolittle - Scott LaValley, The Master - Mark Setrakian, TMZ - Patrick Campbell, The Beetle - Caleb Chung, Bloodletter - Phillip Putman, X1 - Dennis Adams, South Bay Mauler - S.C. Tilford, Andy Roid - Scott McNamara, Satoru Special - James Strauss, Spiny Norman - Will Wright, Zomo - Samuel Addison-Muncy, Pain Mower - Tommy Van Gelder, The Julie-Bot - Will Wright, Slow-Mo - Klass Langhout"