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Spinner Weapon Kinetic Energy Calculator - v.1.41
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Weapon Elements

Dimensions in millimeters     Mass in kg     Density in kg/m3

Steel: 7800 kg/m3   Titanium: 4500 kg/m3   Aluminum: 2760 kg/m3

Bar: Density Width Thick Length  
Tube: Density Rad 1 Rad 2 Length  
Disk: Density Radius Thick
Impactors: Mass Radius
Asymetric: MOI   Add zero-mass impactor radius to calc tip speed.

curved arrow in lbs MPH ozin
mm kg m/sec Nm

Brushless Weapon Motor   Brushed Version Here

Kt Amp Batt RSys Free RPM Torque
Kv Ri mΩ Volts Reduction to 1  

Weapon Performance        

Weapon Mass: kg
Weapon Speed: rpm
Tip Speed: m/sec
Kinetic Energy: joules
Mass Moment of Inertia: kgm2

joules ( rpm)
joules ( rpm)
( rpm)
In seconds the weapon will spin to joules at RPM.

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