Children's Magic
...But donít take the parentís away! Markís family show is wonderful fun and entertainment for children and adults. Stories and magic blend into a memorable experience for family and friends. Audience participation! Everyone has a great time!
  • colorful and mysterious ropes, balls, and handkerchiefs
  • a pair of windshield wiper sun glasses
  • a bag with way too many "insides"
  • a tiny purse with a big surprise
  • special surprises for guests
  • a bottomless jug of water
  • a banana with a zipper
  • two cheering sections
  • a hypnotized balloon
  • two cartoon rabbits
  • a chicken hat

Youíll be exhausted! Youíll be amazed! You'll laugh for a week!

Arrange to have Mark perform for your next birthday, school function, family reunion, company picnic, or retail promotion.

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