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I've been online since the late '90s with a long series of pages that started with a promotional page for my work as a magician. Over the years more pages appeared to match my interests and activities: British sports racecars, computer gaming, chess puzzles, and combat robots for a few.

My web presence moved thru different service providers, and now at long last I've directly leased server space and bought my own site name. Welcome to!

I've elected to use the index page as a site map. Feel free to browse thru the contents or dig deep by subject area.

-- Mark Joerger

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Combat Robots

Team Run Amok - Discovery / TLC / Science Channel Robotica grand champions

Information and photos of Team Run Amok's champion combat robots, robot combat tips, the combat robot hall of fame, and major competition tournament trees.

Run Amok - Construction Details

Information and photos of Mark and Aaron Joerger's champion combat robot Run Amok.

Team Run Amok Press Release

Team Run Amok's press release for the inaugural season of Robotica.

Run Amok Combat Robotics -- Run Amok at Robotica FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Team Run Amok's victory at the first Robotica competition.

Robot Mixer Fixer

An 'expert system' that identifies and solves single-stick R/C mixing problems.

Q & A from the TLC/Discovery Robotica Fansite

Viewers asked questions, and answers were supplied by robot builders and a show host.

Robot Riots - Questions and Answers

Robotica champions Team Run Amok are interviewed for the book Robot Riots.

The Great TLC Robotica Challenge

A journal of Team Run Amok's participation in the Season 1 Robotica tournament.

Mini Run Amok - TLC Robotica

Run Amok is now available in three convenient sizes -- regular, mini, and micro.

Make your own 1/10th scale Run Amok model

Cut out and fold-up your own 1/10th scale paper model of Robotica Season I champion 'Run Amok'.

Virtual Run Amok Robot for Robot Arena: Design and Destroy

A review of the Robot Arena 2 game for PCs. A downloadable model of a real combat robot is included.

Robotica Sound Clips

MP3 sound clips from the first season of Robotica on The Learning Channel / Discovery network.

Team Run Amok's Robot That Never Was

Photo and description of Team Run Amok's mock-up robot for our Robotica application.

Team Run Amok Retires Veteran Robot

A final tribute to the Robotica champion Run Amok.

Team Run Amok's Heavyweight Flipper Combat Robot

Team Run Amok builds a new combat machine for Robot Wars.

Robot Wars Extreme Warriors - Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions about competing in Robot Wars.

Robot Wars Journal - Team Run Amok

A journal of Team Run Amok's trip to England to compete in the 2001 Robot Wars Extreme Warriors tournament.

Robot CRUNCH demonstration at Da Vinci Days.

Team Run Amok appears at popular Oregon summer festival.

Rat Amok Wins Antweight Title at Da Vinci Days.

Team Run Amok victorious at Antweight Robot Battle.

Team Run Amok's Beetleweight Combat Robot -- Zpatula.

Aaron Joerger's Champion Beetleweight Combat Robot -- Zpatula.

Battbotica Wars -- True Stories Fron the Pits of Robot Combat Tournaments

War stories from the pits of robot combat competitions around the world.

Run Amok Combat Robotics -- Antbotica robot competition

Pictures, descriptions, and rules for the Antbotica robotics competition for one-pound robots.

Badar 1 - the first combat robot from Pakistan

The story of the first Pakistani combat robot (2004) with pictures and specs.

Opinion and Commentary

Wedge versus Spinner - what wins more matches in robot combat? (2006)

A statistical analysis of the performance of active and non-active weapons in robot combat. Dated 2006 -- a 2016 update is available.

Wedge versus Spinner - what wins more matches in robot combat? (2016)

A statistical analysis of the performance of active and non-active weapons in robot combat. Updated 2016

Could You be a Robot Combat Judge?

So, you think you know how to judge robot combat? Take your best shot at scoring these combat scenarios and see how well you do.

Suggestions for improved rules in Indian robot combat

The current rules for robot combat in India are vague and vary widely from tournament to tournament. The page examines one rule set and suggests some unifying changes.

Run Amok Combat Robotics -- Paradigms of Robotic Combat

Some elements of robot combat taken for granted, but there are alternatives.

Combat Robot Books Reviewed

Reviews of books about combat robots.

Paleontologists Unearth Fossil of Prehistoric BrioŽ Train

Paleontologists Unearth Fossil of Prehistoric Brio Train.

Tools and Tutorials

Combat Guide: FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter

A guide to setting up the FlySky FS-i6 transmitter for combat robots.

Combat Guide: Taranis Q X7 Transmitter

A guide to setting up the Taranis Q X7 transmitter for combat robots.

Transmitter programming for combat robots

A tutorial on programming computerized R/C transmitters for combat robots.

Combat Robot Radio Systems - what functions do you actually need?

A guide to radio system functions needed or desireable for control of combat robots.

Advanced Electric Motor Math

My edit of Team Robo Forge's article on the technical aspects of PMDC electric motors.

Using Pistol Grip Transmitters with Robot Speed Controllers

How to deal with the quirks of pistol-grip style R/C transmitters for combat robots.

Transmitter Tweeks for Better Driving Control

Fine-tuning R/C transmitter functions can make you a better driver - here's how to do it.

Beginners guide to combat robot gyros

A brief history of the peizo gyro and a guide to its use in robotic combat.

Notes on using the 4QD PRO-120 speed controller for robotic combat

Notes on using the 4QD PRO-120 speed controller for robotic combat.

Team Run Amok - Example Robot Drivetrain Analysis

Example robot drivetrain analysis using the Team Tentacle Torque Calculator.

Run Amok Combat robotics - Spinner Weapon Kinetic Energy Calculator

A javascript calculator to calculate the mass, kinetic energy storage, and spin-up time for combat robot spinning weapons.

Robot Dojo BattleBots Toy Hacking Guide

Step-by-step instructions on modifying the R/C BattleBots toy for use as a combat robot.

T.i. Combat Robotics - Four Bar Lifters Powered by Torque

On-line graphic design tool to optimize four-bar lifter performance.

T.i. Combat Robotics - Designing Around the Gyroscopic Effect

An on-line design tool to model the effects of vertical spinner weapon gyroscopic forces on your chassis design.

Team Da Vinci Robotics - Understanding Pneumatics

A tutorial in pneumatics for combat robot applications with interactive design models, definitions, and useful equations.

Ask Aaron

Ask Aaron: questions and answers about combat robots

Ask Team Run Amok's Aaron Joerger your questions about combat robots and robot events.


The Ask Aaron Archive - Frequently Asked Questions

The Ask Aaron Archive - Robot Weapons

The Ask Aaron Archive - Ants, Beetles, and Fairies

The Ask Aaron Archive - Toy Hacks and Robot Kits

The Ask Aaron Archive - Materials & Components

The Ask Aaron Archive - Robot Motors and Controllers

The Ask Aaron Archive - Radio & Electrical

The Ask Aaron Archive - RobotEvents

The Ask Aaron Archive - Team Run Amok and Friends

Ask Aaron: Combat Robot Q&A - Aaron's Greatest Hits

Aaron Joerger's most entertaining answers to odd questions about robots.

Ask Aaron - The History of our Combat Robot Q & A page

The continuing story of the 'Ask Aaron' combat robot question and answer page.

Ask Aaron - Tenth Anniversary Robot Haiku Contest

Team Run Amok's 'Ask Aaron' site celebrates its 10th anniversary with a Robot Haiku Contest.

Ask Aaron - Fifteenth Anniversary 'Mad Lib' Contest

Team Run Amok's 'Ask Aaron' site marks its 15th anniversary with a Robot-themed 'Mad Lib' Contest.

Ask Aaron - Twentieth Anniversary 'Secret Identity' Contest

Team Run Amok's 'Ask Aaron' holds a contest to mark its 15th anniversary with A.I. generated robot images.

Design Tools

Ask Aaron - Combat Robot Design Tools

Team Run Amok's Tools for Combat Robot Design

Optimum Gearing for Combat Robots

Selecting the best robot drive train gear ratio for your combat conditions.

Spinning Weapon Design for Combat Robots

Team Run Amok's Frequently Asked Questions About Spinning Weapons for Combat Robots.

Combat Robot: Estimating rotary weapon spin-up time

An explanation of weapon motor performance characteristics and spinner weapon performance.

Four Mechanisms for Robot Spring Flippers

Animated Drawings and Discussion of Little-Known Designs for Spring or Elastic Powered Robot Flippers.

The Snail Cam Files

A Reference for Snail Cam Flipper Design and Construction. Includes a Link to a Google Spreadsheet that will Assist in Cam Design.

Converting Motor Specs to Motor Constants

Some electric motors do not come with complete specifications. These equations will calculate them for you.

Brushless Motor Selection for Combat Robots

Guidelines for selecting brushless motors for combat robot weapons and drive.

Solenoid Control of Robot Drive and Weapon Motors

How to use solenoids to control robot motors -- and why you generally shouldn't.

Selection and Operation of Radio Control Systems for Combat Robots

Guides on the selection and operation of radio control systems for combat robots.

Lithium Ion Batteries for Combat Robots

Frequently Asked Questions About Lithium Ion Batteries for Combat Robots.

Ask Aaron - The Hamburger is Bad

Give us enough information to have a chance to answer your questions!

Ask Aaron - Why Not Ask ChatGPT?

What happens when you ask a chatbot a combat robot question>

Combat Robot Tournament Results

Combat Robotics Tournament Winners

A complete list of the winners of all the major combat robotics tournaments - plus tournament rules.

Combat Robot Hall of Fame

The Combat Robot Hall of Fame

The virtual Hall of Fame for Combat Robots.

The Creation of the Combat Robot Hall of Fame Contest

The creation of the virtual Hall of Fame for Combat Robots.

Computer Gaming

A Chess Puzzle, suggested by Martin Gardner and Jaime Poniachik.

A computerized puzzle from a suggestion by Martin Gardner.

Aaron's World of Warcraft Guide for New Players

Aaron Joerger's concise guide for new World of Warcraft players.

Aaron's Excel Yu-Gi-Oh trial deck printer.

Aaron's spreadsheet to print a 'test deck' of YuGiOh cards to try before investing in a deck of real cards.

Dummy Defense -- Design Tips and Hints

Discussion and assistance for players of 'Dummy Defense' looking for the least cost soulutions.

Shining Force Neo walkthru

Walkthru of the American version of the PS2 game 'Shining Force Neo' from Sega/Neverland.

British Sports-Race Cars

Westfield Lotus Eleven Sports Racer

Information about and photos of the Westfield Eleven automobile, with reference to the Lotus Eleven.

Building the Westfield Eleven

Northeast by Westfield

Origin of the Westfield Motorcar Company

The Westfield Worthyness Test

Noble Auriga Lotus 23b Replica

Information and photos of the Lee Noble designed Lotus 23b replica with reference to other Noble cars.

Stage Magic

Magic by Mark Joerger

Close-up and stand-up magic by the one-man twilight zone (retired).

Mark's Magic Wallpaper

Magic themed wallpaper backgrounds for windows.

Flash Mildew, Magician and Soulless Bottom Feeder

The life and times of the infamous Flash Mildew -- magician and lounge reptile.

The Bird Clock

I got a "Singing Bird Clock" for Christmas

A support group for people who received one of those awful singing bird clocks as a gift, with suggestions on what to do with it.

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