ROBOT WARS(TM) -- 1994

Robot Wars will be presented in the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco on Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21, 1994. The arena will be approximately 35 feet by 70 feet and will present the following challenges to your robot:

  1. Surfaces will be asphalt combined with some contoured and packed dirt terrain.
  2. We intend to have mechanical "traps" positioned around the arena. They will be heavy duty sheet metal forming tools: Large shears, presses, and punches. The traps will be in positions that are strategically placed and triggered by light sensors. They will destroy or damage anything that passes through too slowly. Trap specs will be provided ASAP.
FACE-OFF: Randomly paired according to weight classification. Contestants win by immobilizing their opponent. Winners advance to elimination rounds until the last two fight for the Face-Off championship. Each match is timed at 10 minutes. If time runs out with both contestants still mobile a draw is declared with each contestant continuing in the elimination rounds. Judges may first warn then disqualify robots for excessive evasion.

MOB SCENE: This game is a free-for-all fight between contestants that are randomly grouped within each weight classification. The last one that remains mobile will be the winner of this event. Each match is timed at 10 minutes. Robots that remain mobile after 10 minutes will be allowed to join other groups until there is only one robot left mobile in each weight class. Group size limits will be determined at a later date and will depend on the number of entries in each weight class. Here too, in order to promote competitive action, judges may first warn then disqualify robots for excessive evasion.

ESCORT: Escort is a competition in which you must escort a defenseless "drone" robot supplied by the house and controlled by your partner from the starting point to the finish point across the arena. House Robots in each weight class will attack you. You must work as a team and outwit or overpower the onslaught of the House Robots. Deliver the drone to safety and you and your partner win. There can be more than one winner in this event. But the winner with the best time is the grand prize winner.


  1. 71 - 100 lb heavyweight class
  2. 41 - 70 lb middleweight class
  3. 10 - 40 lb lightweight class


  1. All explosives, flames, flamables (except fuel),corrosives (acid), or untethered projectiles are prohibited.
  2. Lasers are prohibited because they can be harmful to eyesight.
  3. Robots will be inspected for safety before being allowed to compete according to guidelines that require and insure safe construction and operation.


  1. All forms of radio jamming are prohibited.
  2. All electronic weaponry cattle prods, etc. that will fry opponents circuitry is prohibited.
  3. All liquid weaponry such as glue and water is prohibited.
  4. Physical interference between contestants who are controlling their robots is prohibited. This includes obstruction of sight line and destruction of equipment.


  1. We recommend that contestants employ PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) radios. This helps to avoid interference. However, FM is acceptable.
  2. In order to insure frequency compatibility it is strongly recommended that contestants have a few or more different crystals within the 75 MHz or 27 MHz frequency bands. In order to change crystals quickly it is also recommended that you provide easy access to the radio receiver in your robot
  3. Contestants must be able to transport their robots to and from the combat arena quickly and safely.


  1. $50.00 per robot for individuals and non-profit groups
  2. $500.00 per robot for individual companies

Explanation: This difference in fees takes into account the potential advertising benefit to companies that display their logo on their robots. Corporate entries can expect a high profile national media exposure and they will benefit accordingly.

Robot Wars expects to offer LARGE CASH PRIZES to the winners in each game category and weight class. The total amount of cash prizes to be awarded in addition to other non-cash prizes will be announced ASAP and no later than June 1, 1994.

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