The 9th annual RoboGames combat tournament took place on April 20th - 22nd, 2012.

Shown here are the tournament trees for the light, middle, and heavyweight classes.

Insect combat class trees HERE

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Original Sin, Sewer Snake, Touro Maximus, Last Rites, Great Pumpkin, Ragin Scotsman, DXTER, mosquito, Son of Ziggy, Gruff, Ergot, Huntsman, Kick Me, Red Robot, Serenus Cor, Shear Force, Simba's Revenge, Snowball, Spartan, Electric Boogaloo, The Wasp, TSA Inspected, Touro, Mortician, Maloney, Besta, Doom On You!, Kinetic Chaos, Wolverine, Iron man, Defective Autopilot, Dr. Robert Killimajig, Heavy Metal, Junkyard Dog, Leo-Nidas, MANDi, Orion, Ouagadougou, Spankey, Vessella, Jailbreak, Biolho, The Big B, Touro Light, Hot Stuff, Come to Mama, K2, Ghetto Blaster, Texas Heat, Sabretooth 6.0, Coroner, Herr Gepounden, Tough Love, Question Wedge, Big-Bolla, Black, Blue, Bulldog, DrEAD, Federal M.T., Jubibot, Little Kahuna, Oakheart, V for Victory, Vortechs