The 11th not-quite annual RoboGames combat tournament took place April 3rd - 5th, 2015.

Shown here are the tournament trees for the light, middle, and heavyweight classes.

Insect combat class trees HERE

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Apolkalipse, ARTILLERIA PESADA, Black, Blue, Come to Mama, Counter Revolution, Doom On You!, DracUCLA, Electric Yard Gnome Supremacy, Evil Plunger, Federal M.T., Foxic, FunsDead, General, Gloomsday, Great Pumpkin, Gruff, Guillotine, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal, Herr Gepounden, HyperActive, HyperBite, K2, K9, K-Torze, Last Rites, MANDii, Megalodon, Mouser Mecha Catbot, Original Sin, Polar Vortex, Project: Black Mamba, Project: Bulldog, Promethius, Puck, Pump, Raging Scotsman, RIP, Sabretooth 6.0, Smack Daddy, SpinnerBait Jr., Super Fluffy Pink Bunny from the Land of Candy and Rainbows, Terrible Toos, The Blender, The Electric Boogaloo, The Resurrection, Touro, Touro Classic, Touro Light, Touro Maximus, Turtle and Slammer, UnMakerBot, Usagi, V for Victory, Vlad the Impaler II, Whiplash, Whoops!, Wolverine