The 13th not-quite annual RoboGames combat tournament took place April 21st - 23rd, 2017.

Shown here are the tournament trees for the light, middle, and heavyweight classes.

Insect combat class trees HERE

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Boris Badenov Cavalier Crash 'n Burn Deviled Egg Echo 2.0 Foxic 3 Frankinbot Hexadecimator Khaos Last Rites Mega Melvin Megabyte Megalodon Mouse Original Sin plasma Polar Vortex Prometheus Raging Scotsman Sabre-X Sewer Snake Sluggo Swamp Thing Touro Maximus Vlad the Impaler Whiplash Whoops! Anti matter Apolkalipse Black and Blue catKong Clean Sweeper Danger Zone Deathrow Demoralizer Doom On You! Flame War General Houston Kanye's lice Lionheart MANDiii NIGHTHAWK Rampage Robotto Sliver King Stewart T-800 Team Migos The Blender The Deliverer Touro Touro Classic Unlicensed Disintegration Whos Your Daddy Aquiles Asterion Bigly Bugalele Carolina Cam Death by Monkeys Federal M.T. Herr Gepounden K2 K-torze masSACre Lite Monkey Bot Mrs. Plow Rocket Son of Spam Syntax Error Tastes Like Touro Light Tremor Troublemaker UnMakerBot V for Victory Wanna Go? War Pig