The 14th not-quite annual RoboGames combat tournament took place April 27th - 29th, 2018 in Pleasanton, California.

Shown here are the tournament trees for the light, middle, and heavyweight classes.

Insect combat class trees HERE

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1st and 2nd Aserion AVD Bigly Budget Bot Cáragor Cassowari Cataclysm Clean Sweeper Cluster Flock Cornholio Crash Cart Crash 'n Burn Dark Ripper Deep 6 Defib Dumpster Fire Echo 2.0 Federal M.T. Four of a Kind Foxic 3 General Gompei Gruff Hammer and Anvil Herberts Rev Hexadecimator Houston Iron Strike Khaos King Buxton Lucky MANDiii Megalodon Mrs Plow Nigel Nighthawk Original Sin Polar Vortex Raging Scotsman Railgun S Robotto Rocket Sewer Snake Shape-Shifter Shimakaze Swamp Thing Tactic Tastes Like Touro Maximus Troublemaker Tsunami High Upper Cut V for Victory War Pig Wedgie Wolverine Wrath Wurst Nightmare