Robot Wars Extreme Warriors season 2 combat tournament tree

The second season of Robot Wars Extreme Warriors (The New TNN network) filmed U.S. competitors in England in January, 2002. The competition format was the same as the U.K. Fourth Wars: each heat started with six robots divided into two, three-robot combat melees. In each melee, a single robot was eliminated and the two surviving robots were each paired against survivors from the other melee for the second fighting round. The two winners of those matches fought for the heat championship.

Full notes on each show in the series can be found at: TV Tome: RWEW Season 2.

The Nickelodeon network filmed a series of six slightly subdued Robot Wars shows at this same competition. Surviving robots from The New TNN filming were driven by kids in a series of short competitions (Tag Team, Annihilator, etc.) Some British teams also participated. Notes on each of the shows in that series may be seen at: TV Tome: Nickelodeon Robot Wars.

Robot Builder
Basenji John Carioti
Black Widow Tanya Bingham
Brawler Errol Miller
Bunny Attack Michael Chester
Buzz Joseph Murawski
Conquering Clown Mike Flanagan
Cyclone Chris Harriman
Darkness Valek Sykes
Destructive Criticism Randy Eubanks
Diskotek Norm Domholt
Dragbot Lance Greathouse
Falcon Dave Temple
General Chompsalot Tim Berghoefer
G-Force Eric Koss
Joker Skip Harmeyer
King of Diamonds Dean Dubois
Lightning Tracks Russ Barrow
Mad Cow Bot Jason Barger
Manta Jeff Cesnik
Maurader Jack Harwick
Mechadroid Walter Martinez
Medusa Oblongata John Waldron
Night Stalker Tim McTigue
Panzer Mk. 4 Todd Mendenhall
Robot Builder
Paul Bunyan Dave Owens
Probophobia Jeff Banks
Propeller-Head Mike Konshak
Psycho Chicken Jason Barger
Revolutionist Brian Nave
Rocky Bot Boa Douan Bingham
Rosie the Riveter Chris Gattman
Run Away Mark Joerger
Sir Forcealot Tony Alternoeder
Snakebite Bob Allen
Snookums Ed Robinson
Spin Doctor Thomas Beaver
Techno Trousers Jack Kurtz
Texas Tornado Donald Akers
The Bat Patrick Campbell
The Brute Mike Regan
The Gap Max Chapin
The Termite David Gilson
Trackzilla Lawrence Feir
TriceraBot Mike Morrow
Trilobyte Lawrence Feir
Tyranabot Tim Loftis
Unibite Jerome Miles
Xylon Jim Moore

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