BattleBots Season 4.0 heavyweight tournament tree

The sixth BattleBots tournament continued the partnership with the Comedy Central cable network. BattleBots season 4.0 was filmed November 4 - 11, 2001 at Treasure Island - San Francisco, California.

This event continued the practice of allowing veteran ranked competitors to gain an advantage by sitting out the early rounds of the tournament. More than half of the 'round of 32' slots were reserved for ranked 'bots.

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Agitator, BattleRat, Bender, Big Betty, Billy Bot, Biohazard, Black Ops, Botknocker 19, Botulizer, Bumble Bee, Center Punch, Chains Addiction, Circuit Breaker, CUAD The Unmerciful, Death Maul, Deathstar, Decimator, El Diablo Grande, Fork-N-Stein, FrenZy, Frostbite, Give me some sugar baby, Gold Digger, Greenspan, Hazardous Waste Of Time, Hexadecimator, I-Beam, Incisor, Incoming, Interceptor, InTriVerter, Jabberwock, Junkyard Offspring, KillerB, Killerhurtz, Leper Messiah, License To Kill, Little Sister, M.O.E., Mauler 51-50, Maximum Paralysis, MechaVore, Mr. Bonestripper, Nemisis, Nightmare, Omega-13, Overbearing, Overkill, Phrizbee, PyRAMidroid, RoboVore, Scrap Daddy's Persistor, Sgt. Spanky II, Shark Byte, Silverback, Slam Job, Sledge-Jammer, Space Ape, Spinning Mayhem, Stealth Terminator, Surgeon General, Tazbot, Technofool, Terror, The Bevo Blender, The Immortal Chaos, The Matador, Towering Inferno, Tripulta Raptor, Voltronic, Y-Pout