The sixth BattleBots tournament continued the partnership with the Comedy Central cable network. BattleBots season 4.0 was filmed November 4 - 11, 2001 at Treasure Island - San Francisco, California.

This event continued the practice of allowing veteran ranked competitors to gain an advantage by sitting out the early rounds of the tournament. More than half of the 'round of 32' slots were reserved for ranked 'bots.

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2925 Jack Rabbit, Adult Supervision is Required, Aftermath, Alabama Slammer, All Weather Tire Bot, AnkleBiter, Armadillo, Bad Attitude, Batrok Z, Blade Runner, BotABing, Bottom Dweller, Botulism, Bouncing Betty, Buddy Lee Don't Play In The Street, Bumper, Caliban, Captain Insane-O, Chameleon, Chiabot, Chipper Monkey, Chopper, Commando, Complete Control, CUAD The Annihilator, CU-Denver Demagogue, Darkness, Deadblow, Deb Bot, Deus Ex Machina, Double Agent, Double Trouble, El Diablo, Eraser, Exodus 2001, Fast Forward, FlapJack, Hazard, Heavy Metal Noise, Huggy Bear, Ice Cube, Internal Audit, Iron Soldier, Jersey Devil, Killer Wasp, Knee Breaker, Little Drummer Boy, Little Pharma, Maddgoth, Maggot, Malvolio, Metallic Mayhem, MicroVore, Minnesota Mangler, Miriah, Misty The WonderBot, Mobster, Moebius, Mongus, Outlaw, Pack Raptors, Palindrome 2.0, Phoenix, Playmate, PlowBot, Pokey, Potter's Wheel, Problem Child, Psychotron, Ravager, RipTide, Rock-Hard, Root Canal, S.O.B., SABotaage, Sawzz-All, Scrap Daddy's Flipskanker, Short Order Chef, Slap Happy, Snuggabot, Son of Bob, Space Monkey, Speed Bump XL, Spike Demon, Stingray, Strange Brew, Summoner, Sunshine Lollibot, Tesla's Tornado, Thumper, Timmy, T-Minus, TriDent, Turbo, Turtle Road Kill, Twin Paradox, T-Wrex, Velocity, Viking Dragon, Village Idiot, Violator, Why Not, WindChill, Yoshikillerbot, ZiggZagg, Zion