BattleBots Season 5.0 heavyweight tournament tree

The seventh BattleBots tournament was to be the final event in the partnership with the Comedy Central cable network. BattleBots season 5.0 was filmed May 22 - 27, 2002 at Treasure Island - San Francisco, California. Comedy Central replaced BattleBots in their programming schedule with a puppet show.

This event expanded on the practice of allowing veteran ranked competitors to gain an advantage by sitting out the early rounds of the tournament. A scant 8 or 9 slots were available in each 'round of 32' for unranked 'bots.

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8 Ball, Aces and Eights, Agitator, Bad Blood, BattleRat, Bender, Bermuda Triangle, Beta, Big Betty, Bily-Bot, Biohazard, Botknocker-19, Bullistic, Center Punch, Chewbot, Circuit Breaker, Crabmeat, Crash Test Dummy, Darkstar-2J, Death-Maul, Der BiterBot, Die Fledermaus Zwei, Diskontent, Dredge, El Diablo Grande, Evolution, Fatal Encounter, FrenZy, FrostBite, Gale Force, GoldDigger, Golem, Gorilla Warfare, Got Bot?, Greenspan, Grim Reaper, Heart of Gold, Hexadecimator, Incisor, Interceptor, Jabberwock, Jawbreaker, JC - Slammer, Junkyard Offspring, Killer B, Knightiknight, Little Sister, M.O.E., Mastakilla, Mauler 51-50, MechaVore, Megabite, Mr. Bonestripper, Nightmare, Omega-13, Overbearing, OverKill, P.T. Bruiser, Paralyzer Pete, Phalanx, Phrizbee, Poops McGee, Ringmaster, Ripkin, Ripper V2, RoboVore, Scrap Daddy Persistor, Sharkbyte, Sharp Cheese, Silverback, Slam Job, Sledge-Jammer, Speedy, SpikedPunch, Spinister, Spinning Mayhem, Spitfire, Stealth Terminator, Super Collider, Surgeon General, T.O.D.D., Tarkus, Tazbot, Technofool, Terrorantula, The Jack Tripper, The Matador, Think Tank, Towering Inferno, Toy Car, Trilabite, Trippy, Tulsa Hurricane, UpperCut, Vlad The Impaler II, Voltronic, Warhead, Warrior, Wham-I-Am, Wrath, XSNERGY, Y-Pout