The seventh BattleBots tournament was to be the final event in the partnership with the Comedy Central cable network. BattleBots season 5.0 was filmed May 22 - 27, 2002 at Treasure Island - San Francisco, California. Comedy Central replaced BattleBots in their programming schedule with a puppet show.

This event expanded on the practice of allowing veteran ranked competitors to gain an advantage by sitting out the early rounds of the tournament. A scant 8 or 9 slots were available in each 'round of 32' for unranked 'bots.

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64 Wedge, A-10 Thunderbolt, Adult Supervision is Required, Alabama Slammer, Angry Barracuda, Ankle Biter, Arachnobot, Armadillo, Bad Attitude, BattleDawg, Bigger-MisDirection, Bit Schlapp, Blade Runner, Blue Devil, Blue Steel, Borris, Bottom Dweller, Bovine Intervention, BravePart, Bumper, Caliban, Canibull, Centipede, Chameleon, Chiabot, Chopper, Chummy, Complete Control, Crash Test Junior, Cratos and Bia, Cryptler, Dark Shredder, Darkness, Deadblow, DevNull, Double Agent, Double Trouble, Easty Beast, Edge, El Diablo, El Spooky, Evil Twins, Exodus, Fast Forward, Feminine Wiles, FlapJack, Fork, Fusion, G-Bot, Goldie, Green Wave, Gremlin, Happy Scrappy Hero Pup, Hat Rack, Hazard, Heavy Metal Noise, Hi Speed Come-A-Parts, Hipopononomus, Hoarf, Huggy Bear, Ice Cube, Iron Soldier, Jack Rabbit, Knee-Breaker, Little Drummer Boy, Lobotomy, Logos, Machiavelli, Maddgoth, Maggot, Major Punishment, Malvolio, Maximum Impact, MicroVore, Minnesota Mangler, Mirror Image, Misty The Wonderbot, Mobster, Moebius, Mohammed Ali, Mongus, MosFet On Steroids, Mow-Blow, Mr. "D", Mutilator, Myter Byter, Nemesis, Oh Debsy, Orlando Commando, Outlaw, Pack Raptors, Pentazmo Destructo, Persistence, Phoenix, Playmate, Plowbot, Pokey, Problem Child, Psyche, Psychotron, Ravager, Red Square, Rest In Pieces, RipTide Red, Rock Hard 2.0, Root Canal, Rubox, S.O.B., SABotage, Scrap Daddy Flipskanker, Secret Weapon, Shovit, Shredbot, Silver Shield, Simon Bar Spinister, Slap Em Sillier, Space Monkey, Speed Bump XL, Spice Weasel, Spike Demon, Strange Brew, Summoner, Sunshine Lollibot, Sweet, Swordfish, Tesla's Tornado, The Jouster, The Master, Thumper, ThunderWave, Timmy, T-Minus, Trainwreck, TriDent, Trocar, Turbo, Turtle, Twin Paradox, Two-Fisted, T-Wrex, Velocity, Viking Dragon, Wee Willy Wedgy, Whirlwind, Why Not, Worm Burner, Wrath Jr., WulfBane, ZiggZagg, Zion