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The Tenth Wars

The third and final season of the rebooted Robot Wars series aired on British television in late 2017.

Rule changes raised the weight bonus for walking and shuffling robots (none competed) and allowed limited forms of entanglement device (one-meter maximum length rope, chain, or cable -- no woven sheets or nets) as a defence against spinning weapons.

The format of the Tenth Wars reduced the number of competitors even farther than the earlier two Wars, trimming down to five heats of six robots each.

  • The first round was a pair of three-robot melees with the winner going straight through to the semi-finals.

  • The second round paired the losing robots from the first round in two 'redemption' head-to-head matches with the winners going to the semi-finals.

  • The semi-finals matched winners from the first and second rounds head-to-head. Winning robots advanced to the heat final; and losing robots then fought for an important third-place standing that gave entry into a 'last chance' melee.

  • A single match between the semi-final winners determined the heat champion, with a single match between the semi-final losers awarding third place.

The second and third place robots from each of the five heats then entered a ten-robot melee(!) with the winner moving into the grand final as the sixth champion. The grand final format was the same as the earlier heats, but without the third-place match.

Winners of each match are shown in bold text.

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