The format for the first two UK Robot Wars was much different from the later pure-combat layout. Each heat started with six robots.

The first challenge was called 'The Gauntlet' -- a maze with two paths of differing obstacles from which to choose. The robots pushed as far down the 15-metre course as possible in the time allowed. The 'bot covering the least ground was eliminated.

The remaining five robots went on to the next challenge: 'The Trial'. This event varied from week to week. The lowest scoring 'bot was eliminated. The First Wars featured:

  • Sumo: how long can the competitor stay on a raised plarform with the House Robot 'Shunt'? Shortest time is out.

  • British Bulldog: competitors try to dash all at once from one end of the arena to the other while the four House Robots try to stop them.

  • Football: shove the studded metal ball past 'Dead Metal' and into the goal. Last robot to score is out.

  • Stock Car: three lap race around a figure 8 track. Last place is out.

  • Labyrinth: pick a path thru the twisty little maze and past the House Robots. Least distance covered is out.

  • Snooker: push as many of the silver balls into your own goal as you can. Fewest balls is out.

For the final challenge of the heat, the four remaining robots paired off and fought in 'The Arena' - the familiar combat event that dominated the later wars. The two remaining robots then fought each other for the heat championship.

In the First Wars, the six heat champions met in a single melee fight to determine the overall winner.


Best Design - Plunderbird 1
Best Engineered - Mortis
Most Original Entry - Psychosprout
Sportsmanship Award - Nemesis
Grand Champion - Roadblock

There are great competitor photos and match descriptions for the First Wars at the Tectonic Robot Wars site (archived).

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Roadblock - Hender Blewitt, Nemesis - Peter Redmond, Killertron - Richard Broad, Shogun - Robin Woodhead, Barry - Amy Sproat, Grunt - Matthew Dickinson, Recyclops - Rex Garrod, Scrapper - Mike Smith, Mortis - Arthur Chilcott, Leighbot - Robin Williams, Uglybot - Paul Shearwood, Detonator - David Crosby, Robot the Bruce - George Francis, Cruella - Philip Martin, Wedgehog - Chris Glaister, Dreadnaut - Ken Feltwell, Plunderbird - Mike Onslow, WYSIWYG - Michelle Wheeley, Cunning Plan - Oliver Steeples, Bugs - Michael Stacey, Demolisher - Sam Rudgard, SAT'arn - Tom Barber, Vector of Armageddon - Adam Clark, Krayzee Tokyo - Kevin Church, Bodyhammer - Robin Herrick, Torque of the Devil - Adam Pengilly, Reali-T - Richard Finch, Full Metal Anorak - Paul Baxter, Warthog - Oliver Brown, Psychosprout - Toby Marsden, TRACIE - Andrew Rockliffe, Prince of Darkness - John Scott, Scarab - Jonathan Attias, The Blob - Phil Patching, Elvis - Neil Lambeth, Eubank the Mouse - Steve Dove