The Fourth Wars had an unusual format, which has not been subsequently repeated. Each heat started with six robots divided into two, three-robot combat melees. In each melee, a single robot was eliminated. The two surviving robots were each paired against survivors from the other melee for the second fighting round. The two winners of those matches fought for the heat championship.

The Fourth Wars also featured a 'Sumo Basho' event (won by Panic Attack), a 'Pinball' event (Gemini), a 'Tag Team Terror' tournament (King B3 and 101), a 'War of Independence' against U.S. robots (Mortis), a pair of six-robot 'Annihilator' matches (Spikeasaurus - north, Razer - south), and the Celebrity Robot Wars tournament - won by Pussycat (EastEnders Alliance)

Other Winners:

Best Design - Gemini
Best Engineered - The Steel Avenger
Most Original Entry - Gemini
Sportsmanship Award - Diotoir (Son of Nemesis)
Grand Champion - Chaos 2
Best Newcomer - Tornado

There are great competitor photos and match descriptions for the Forth Wars at the Tectonic Robot Wars site (archived).

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