The Sixth Wars featured a variation on the format of the Fourth Wars. Eight robots started each heat, divided into two, four-robot melees. In each melee, two robots were eliminated. The two surviving robots were each paired against survivors from the other melee for the second fighting round. The two winners of those matches fought for the heat championship.

The 'Loser's Melee' carried over from the format in the Fifth Wars. Losers from the first round of the semifinals fought in a pair of three-robot melees with the winner of each melee re-entering the tournament tree.


Best Design - 259
Best Engineered - Anarchy
Most Original Entry - Crushstacean
Sportsmanship Award - Kat 3
Best Newcomer - Dantomkia
Grand Champion - Tornado

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259, 13 Black, 4X4, Aggrobot 3, A-Kill, Anarchy, Armadrillo, Axe-C-Dent II, Barbaric Response, Barber-Ous II, Behemoth, Bigger Brother, Brutus Maximus, Bulldog Breed, Cedric Slammer, Chaos 2, Chompalot, Colossus, Comengetorix, Corkscrew, Crushtacean, Cyrax, Dantomkia, Demolition Man, Derek 2, Destructosaur, Disc-O-Inferno, Doctor Fist, Dominator II, Double Trouble, Edge Hog, Firestorm IV, Fluffy, GBH2, Granny's Revenge II, Hot Pants, Hydra, Hypno Disc, ICU, Infernal Contraption, Infinity, Inshredable, Iron-Awe 2, Judge Shred 2, Kan-Opener, Kat 3, Killer Carrot 2, Kronic 2, Major Tom, Mega Hurts 2, Mighty Mouse, Ming III, Mr Nasty, Panic Attack, R.O.C.S, Raging Reality, Razer, Reptirron The Second, Revenge of Trouble & Strife, Revolution 2, Riptilion, Robochicken, Roobarb, Ruf Ruf Dougal, S.M.I.D.S.Y, S3, Sabre Tooth, Short Circuit, Shredder, Sir Chromalot, SPAM, Spawn Again, Spin Doctor, Spirit of Scorpion, St Agro, Stinger, Sumpthing, Supernova, Terror Bull, Terrorhurtz, Tetanus II, The Alien, The Hassocks Hog, The Stag, Thermidor II, Thor, Tiberius III, Tornado, Tridentate, UFO, Vader, W.A.S.P, Warhog, Weld-Dor 3, Wild Thing 2, X-Terminator