Three 'World Championships" have been contested in the Robot Wars arena. The first was filmed at the same time as the Fourth Wars and aired in England in 2000. Sixteen robots competed in a simple single-elimination tournament. The first world championships were also sold on video.

The second world championships were filmed as part of the first Robot Wars Extreme event and were aired in 2002. The first Robot Wars Extreme Warriors series for American telivision was also filmed at this event. Sixteen robots fought in four 4-way melees in the first round, followed by conventional 1-on-1 semi-final and final rounds. This format shortened the event to a single one-hour show.

The Seventh Wars hosted the third world championships. Twelve robots fought in four 3-way melees to get to the semi-final round. First shown: 2004.


First World Championship: Razer
Second World Championship: Razer
Third World Championship: Storm II

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