The Combat Robot Hall of Fame (TM) - Victory favors those who take pains.
2017 Nominations -- Open Ballot

Robot builders first voted in 2003 to name the top combat robots of all time. Twenty-five combat robots from both sides of the Atlantic were elected by their peers to membership in the Combat Robot Hall of Fame, with thirteen robots gaining honorable mention. They achieved their status based on:

Detail from the 1996 Robot Wars poster - color modified.
  • Dominating success in combat
  • Pioneering or perfecting influential designs
  • Having great fan or entertainment appeal, or
  • Otherwise making a lasting impact on the sport.

The hall has re-opened for membership in August of each odd-numbered year since. Members of the robot building community in North and South America, Europe, India, and Australia voted to induct a net total of fourteen new full members and add twenty robots to the honorable mention rolls in these years.

For 2017, notices of the open ballot and invitations to participate in the voting were posted on combat robot builder forums in the US, UK, Australia, and India. Balloting closed at midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, August 15th.

Voting for the 2017 Combat Robot Hall of Fame has ended

Watch the Combat Robot Hall of Fame for results.

Voting will re-open in August 2019.

More info at: The Creation of The Combat Robot Hall of Fame

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