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The Combat Robot Hall of Fame (TM) - Victory favors those who take pains.
"Amat Victoria Curam"

 History: Robot builders voted in 2003 to name the top combat robots of all time. Twenty-five combat robots from both sides of the Atlantic were elected by their peers to membership in the Combat Robot Hall of Fame, with thirteen robots gaining honorable mention. The hall re-opened for membership in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021. Over these years an additional nineteen robots have been elected to full membership and twenty-six robots have been added to the honorable mention roll. Members achieved their status based on:

Detail from the 1996 Robot Wars poster - color modified.
  • Dominating success in combat
  • Pioneering or perfecting influential designs
  • Having great fan or entertainment appeal, or
  • Otherwise making a lasting impact on the sport.

Congratulations to the 2021 inductees:

  • Full membership to Behemoth and Eruption

  • Honorable Mention to End Game Nuts 2 Shredit Bro Whiplash and Witch Doctor
A detailed report on the 2021 balloting is here: 2021 balloting breakdown.

 Voting: Membership in the Hall is by ballot of the global combat robot community. Notification and balloting instructions appear in combat robot forums on multiple continents in August of odd-numbered years. Your next chance to vote will come in about:

Ballot here: Combat Robot Hall of Fame Ballot 2021

 More Info: A full explanation of the voting and selection process is available here: Useful Information for Combat Robot Hall of Fame Voters.  

Members of the Combat Robot Hall of Fame

Deadblow robot


Combat robotics lost one of its most prominent faces in 2020. Grant Imahara first entered the public eye as a BattleBots competitor with his middleweight robot 'Deadblow' -- competing in the inaugural 1999 Long Beach tournament and all five seasons of the televised BattleBots series on Comedy Central. Together they won 'giant nut' trophies for rumble wins at Long Beach and Season 2.0, and for a runner up tournament finish at Season 1.0 behind Hall of Fame member 'Hazard'.

Grant will be remembered for his bright personality and achievements in many fields, but please also remember that he built and operated a fine combat robot. He will be greatly missed in the combat robot community.

 Members are Listed in Alphabetical Order 

Behemoth Inducted 2021 - None can match the string of Robot Wars TV tournaments: nine consecutive Wars plus Extreme 1 and 2 - and never once sent home without a match victory. An icon of UK robot combat with championships at Roaming Robots, Robots of Destruction, and Fighting Robots. Behemoth fought long and hard for their place in the Hall. Behemoth Facebook Page Behemoth robot

Biohazard robot
Unanimous Selection
Biohazard Inaugural class - The six-time heavyweight champion set the high water mark for longevity and top-notch design. Carlo Bertocchini's low, all electric lifter remains the most successful robot in history with six championships, twenty-seven wins, and three losses. This 'bot gets my vote to set right in the entrance to the Hall of Fame. Biohazard Website

Bite Force Inducted 2019 - Paul Ventimiglia has been building fearsome combat robots for years, but few expected his entries in the BattleBots reboot to so effectively dominate the competition. Winning three championships in four attempts while incurring only a single loss in 24 fights places 'Bite Force' at the apex of the 250-pound class. Aptyx Designs on Facebook Bite Force robot

Blendo robot Blendo Inaugural class - The first of the gas-powered spinners, and the first 'bot to be judged too dangerous to compete. The design has been copied by countless imitators, who have learned that there is more to building a good spinner than just getting the thing to spin. James Hyneman was declared heavyweight co-champion of the 1995 Robot Wars. Blendo Website (archived)

Carbide Inducted 2017 - The vanguard of the new and fearsome UK spinners, 'Carbide' was a terror in the 2016 Robot Wars reboot and came back stronger and more durable to walk thru the field for victory in 2017. Experienced and successful roboteers Dave Moulds and Sam Smith joined forces to become the new UK superteam. Carbide on Facebook Carbide robot

Cassius robot Cassius Inducted 2007 - A true Robot Wars design paradigm, Rex Garrod's innovative pneumatic flipper weapon doubled as a SRIMECH. The audience was stunned by the unexpected when it to became the first British combat robot to self-right (Robot Wars 1998). Cassius Website (archived)

Chaos 2 Inaugural class - First flipper to put a 'bot out of the arena. Two-time Robot Wars heavyweight champion with more match wins there than anyone else (19). There are other great British flippers, but if I have to pick one I'll pick Chaos 2. As a plus, driver George Francis is a very nice guy! Chaos 2 Website Chaos 2 robot

Complete Control robot Complete Control Inaugural class - This middleweight was the first 'bot that could effectively and reliably clamp its opponent, lift it off the ground, and parade around the arena waving it in the air. What could be more humiliating? Kudos to Derek Young. Complete Control Website (archived)

Diesector Inaugural class - two-time super-heavyweight champion with sixteen wins, this 'bot was all action. Independent jaws, dual independent side-mounted hammers and enormous power. Donald Hutson drove it well and made it do a great victory dance. Diesector Website Diesector robot
Unanimous Selection

Dr. Inferno Jr. robot Dr. Inferno Jr. Inaugural class - Now, that looks like a robot! It won championships, too. Jason Dante Bardis combined a whole lot of power with exotic materials in a lightweight package to make a 'bot with a unique balance of style and performance. Two BattleBots lightweight championships, 12 wins, 3 losses. Infernolab Website

Envy Inducted 2009 - Team Bud is the heart and soul of the UK Roaming Robots and their formidable full-pressure front-hinge flipper dominated their 2008 season. Envy Website Envy robot

Explosion featherweight robot Explosion Inducted 2013 - At the time of induction Team Invade's dominating UK featherweight flipper was the UK champion and may have been the most successful UK featherweight in UK history. The full-pressure flipper pioneered Hardox steel armor in the featherweight class. Team Invade website

Eruption Inducted 2021 - This heavyweight version of Team Invade's featherweight full-pressure flipper 'Explosion' racked up a staggering list of championships between 2013 and 2018 - capped by a win in the Robot Wars Series 10 Grand Final. The robot's acrobatic combat style made it a huge fan favorite. Eruption Twitter Feed Eruption featherweight robot

Hazard robot
Unanimous Selection
Hazard Inaugural class - Master of the spinning blade. The design was simple and the results were deadly. Tony Buchignani knew his metallurgy and physics, and created the most feared and successful 'bot in its class with three middleweight championships, seventeen wins, and only one loss! Hazard Website (archived)

Hypno-Disc Inaugural class - The British don't really do the whole-body spinner thing. David Rose's heavyweight disc-spinner took a different tack on big kinetic energy destruction. Its appealing mix of drivability and destruction inspired many imitators. Hypno-Disc Website Hypno-Disc robot

Iron-Awe 5 robot Iron-Awe 5 Inducted 2009 - The 2008 UK heavyweight champion does not just dominate other robots, it removes them from the arena. In its first year of competition it flipped 33 robots out of the arena - five in a single match (twice)! Add to that a 19 match winning streak starting in 2007 and you have a true hall of fame robot. Team Iron Awe Website

KillerHurtz Inaugural class - This Robot Wars polycarbonate uni-body wonder crossed the pond to finish heavyweight runner-up at BattleBots. John Reid's sophisticated control systems and a powerful pneumatic overhead axe made for a dangerous package. Teamhurtz Website KillerHurtz robot

La Machine robot La Machine Inaugural class - The original wedge and icon of the early years of Robot Wars. Winner of the 1995 Robot Wars middleweight crown, Greg Munson's superstar performer also won both the middleweight and heavyweight class rumbles that year. La Machine Website (archived)

Last Rites / Tombstone
Inducted 2009 - Ray Billings has a simple approach to building robots - build a giant weapon and attach a tough drivetrain to shove it at your opponent. Brute Force has no better friend. Motto: "Strategy is for those guys without weapons." When one of Ray's robots fires up, EVERYBODY heads for the stands to watch. Tombstone's BattleBots title in 2016 was just the cherry on top of the cake. Hardcore Robotics Website Tombstone robot

Mauler '95 robot Mauler Inaugural class - The first 'Tuna Can' spinner was nearly as dangerous to itself as to its opponents. The various incarnations of Mauler were always entertaining, as was the Tilford clan that built them. When the heavyweight spinner demonstrated the physics of the 'tippy-top' and flipped itself onto its back in a moment of supreme instability it coined a term: forever after known as 'doing a Mauler'. Mauler Website (archived)

Mechadon Inaugural class - It only had two match wins, but that makes no difference. What it lacked in fighting ability, it more than made up for in coolness. This 480 pound, six-legged superheavyweight wonder was a true walker, with independent multi-axis control of each leg. How did Mark Setrakian operate this thing? Team Sinister Mechadon Demo. Mechadon robot

Megybyte robot Megabyte Inducted 2005 - The only single 'bot to win championships in two weight classes, Robotic Death Company's heavyweight spinner competes and wins against superheavyweight 'bots. Overall record: 49 wins, 19 losses, and 1 national championship. Robotic Death Company website

Minion Inaugural class - This two-time champion was fast, controllable, and capable of thunderous ramming attacks. Christian Carlberg raised the bar in the super-heavyweight class with this bot. Minion Website (archived) Minion robot

Nightmare robot Nightmare Inaugural class - King of the vertical spinners. A pure weapon on wheels, this heavyweight 'bot was the poster boy for destruction. The first 'bot capable of throwing pieces of its opponent up and out of the arena, Jim Smentowski forced event organizers to put a roof on the containment box. Nightmare Website

Original Sin Inducted 2015 - Possibly the toughest heavyweight ever built. Team Late Night Racing believes that the way to win is to hurl their robot at you until you break. An unmatched heavyweight record of 64 wins and 15 losses, seven RoboGames titles, and four ComBots Cup championships say they are correct! [No Website Available] Original Sin robot

Overkill robot Overkill Inaugural class - It's all about the blade, dude. The huge heat-treated 4130 steel blade is a real eye-catcher. Maybe the best of the show-off bots, Christian Carlberg's heavyweight Overkill looked great and performed at the highest level. Overkill Website (archived)

Panic Attack Inaugural class - Looking like a piece of construction equipment and painted to send a strong 'keep away' message, Kim Davies' durable and strong lifter was a tough opponent. A Robot Wars champion and BattleBots heavyweight competitor, this Welsh 'bot surprised me with its strong showing in the voting. Panic Attack Website (archived) Panic Attack robot

Panzer Mk. I robot Panzer / Wrath Inaugural class - Todd Mendenhall's 'Panzer' is the only robot to win two different televised competitions. The adaptable six-wheel drive platform won the third season of Robotica, dominated the second Robot Wars Extreme Warriors tournament, and (as 'Wrath') had a 75% match win record at BattleBots. Versatile, powerful, and fast, the 'bot is difficult to match at any aspect of combat. [No website available]

Professor Chaos Inducted 2011 - The middleweight terror from WPI Combat Robotics ruled the middleweight class in the U.S. since its first tournament in 2008 'til its retirement in 2010, and pummeled the top robots in the division. Record: 14 wins / 2 losses. WPI Robotics website Professor Chaos robot

Razer robot
Unanimous Selection
Razer Inaugural class - Two-time Robot Wars world heavyweight champion and a real work of art. Ian Lewis and company built the first successful hydraulic crusher-bot on the planet. Razer at Robot Wars Website

Rust In Peace Inducted 2015 - Dominating success in combat? How about 45 wins, 2 losses, and 12 tournament victories! This 60 kg drum robot pulled Indian combat robotics onto the world stage. The team also leads the movement toward safer combat arenas in India. Well done! R.I.P. on Facebook Rust In Peace robot

Sewer Snake robot Sewer Snake Inducted 2007 - Team Plumb Crazy has held an unprecedented stranglehold on the U.S. large combat robot classes. At one time Matt and Wendy Maxham's stable included the #1 ranked heavyweight (Sewer Snake), the #1 ranked middleweight, and the #3 ranked lightweight. Sewer Snake's record: 77 wins, 30 losses. Team Plumb Crazy Website

Silent Spring Inducted 2019 - Jamison Go's dominant US beetleweight has terrorized the class since its first tournament win in 2015. The first beetleweight in the Hall rides in on an 18 win / three championship undefeated streak. Copies of its big water-cut, single tooth, 4130 steel disk abound but this is the original. G3 Robotics Website Silent Spring robot

Son of Whyachi Inaugural class - If brute force doesn't work, it's because you're not using enough of it! Terry Ewert packed a really big punch with this monster spinner that combined a rule-shaving 'shufflebot' propulsion system with huge power and great craftsmanship. Also gets a point for being rendered ineligible to defend its heavyweight title due to rule changes it precipitated. Team Whyachi Website Son of Whyachi robot

Tazbot robot Tazbot Inaugural class - Donald Hutson builds cool 'bots. I think that if I had my choice of 'bots to drive in a tournament just for fun, I'd pick heavyweight Tazbot. The rotating turret with lifter adds an extra degree of movement and excitement. Miniature replicas of Tazbot were the most popular of the BattleBots toys. Tazbot Website

TerrorHurtz Inducted 2009 - The 2004 Roaming Robots champion and 6th Wars semi-finalist carried the most powerful overhead axe in the UK: 900kg of force and 2300 joules of energy. Top notch design and workmanship made John Reid's 'bot a favorite with builders and the audience. This 2007 Honorable Mention winner achieved full Hall of Fame membership in 2009. TerrorHurtz website TerrorHurtz

The Judge robot The Judge Inducted 2005 - You just had to be there! When the giant overhead hammer came down, the whole building shook and the crowd shouted "GUILTY!" A unique rack and pinion hammer actuator by Jacha Little gave the super-heavyweight unprecedented striking power and speed. Overall record, 24 wins, 12 losses. Mechanicus website (archived)

The Master Inducted 2011 - The original 'thwackbot', The Master was a pioneer in interchangeable weaponry and the 'all in the wheels' drive train. Weapon modules included a grinding wheel, a lifter, and a long chain 'whip'. Mark Setrakian was co-winner of the 1995 Robot Wars heavyweight title with this creation, and it continued to compete for many years. Record: 8 wins, 4 losses. [No website available] The Master Robot

Tornado robot Tornado Inaugural class - Innovators and Robot Wars champions. Andrew Marchant's rambot once claimed to have the most power of any combat 'bot on the planet. The controversy over the 'anti-crusher web' alone should put them in the hall of fame. Tornado Website

Toro Inaugural class - Alex Rose took the game into the air! This 'bot stunned the robot community when it first rolled out and started throwing its super-heavyweight opponents end-over-end through the air. Winner of the championship and back-to-back rumbles. Simply awesome! Inertia Labs Website (archived) Toro robot

Vertical Disc of Destruction Inducted 2005
VDD robot - kit version The first insect-class 'bot inducted into the hall, Ted Shimoda's VDD brought the power of the vertical disc spinner to the antweight world in a big way. The current incarnation features a revolutionary kevlar-wrapped carbon fiber rod spaceframe chassis. Team Think Tank Website (archived)

Vlad the Impaler Inaugural class - Chunky and powerful, this two-time heavyweight champion by Gage Cauchois pioneered the pneumatic lifter as an effective weapon and was the first immobilized robot to self-right in competition (1997 U.S. Robot Wars). Record: 16 wins, three losses. Vlad the Impaler Website (archived) Vlad the Impaler robot
Unanimous Selection

Voltronic robot Voltronic / Voltarc Inaugural class - Another of the early BattleBots icons and a very tough heavyweight competitor. Builder Stephen Felk may give the most animated interview in robotic combat and has been immortalized with his own verb, as in: "I got too excited at lunch and I felked myself." (No website available)

Ziggo Inaugural class - The lightweight ultra spinner. Eighteen wins, sixteen knockouts, three lightweight championships. Jonathan Ridder understood the physics of the spinner better than anyone else. Woof! Team Ziggy Website (archived) Ziggo robot
Unanimous Selection

Robot Win/Loss records supplied by BotRank

Member Count by Weightclass

Honorable Mention
Robots on the Honorable Mention roll appeared on at least 25% of the ballots in the year of their induction. They remain eligible for promotion to full membership on future ballots

Honorable Mention 2003

  • Backlash - Nightmare's little sibling carves out its own space in the Hall of Fame. The lightweight vertical spinner was the champion of BattleBots season 1.0 and was runner-up in season 2.0. It appeared in all five televised seasons of BattleBots and has a record of 13 wins and 4 losses.

  • Bigger Brother / Little Sister - Ian Watts scores points for the cute kids and effective high-pressure pneumatic flipper. Effective competitor at both Robot Wars (12 wins) and BattleBots (4 wins). Does a great victory dance, too.

  • Blade Runner - The overall record of 5 wins and 5 losses isn’t spectacular, but Ilya Polyakov elevated the lowly ‘twackbot’ layout by implementing the ‘MeltyBrain’ technology that allows simultaneous spinning and controlled movement. Technological breakthrough! Appeared in all five televised seasons of BattleBots.

  • Firestorm - Quirky active differential steering and reverse-angle pneumatic flipper make the 'bot fast, stable, and dangerous. The only 'bot to ever topple the gargantuan Mr. Psycho! Graham Bone added refinements on each new version of this innovative Robot Wars competitor.

  • frenZy - There has never been a wackier or more animated 'bot than frenZy. Pioneer of the overhead electric pickaxe, frenZy spends as much time in the air as on the ground. Patrick Campbell stays calm and collected while his machine goes completely nuts. It should have its own cartoon show.

  • JuggerBot / Tricerabot - Mike Morrow's Team JuggerBot made the final fight at Robotica - twice! They made the final fight at Robot Wars Extreme Warriors, and were the only 'bot to ever put 'Sir Killalot' into The Pit. They competed as a superheavyweight at BattleBots 3.0 only to lose a close decision to the eventual champion. If you can beat these guys, you're doing everything right.

  • Mortis - A tough and versatile competitor from the early UK Robot Wars, Arthur Chilcott's Mortis remains a favorite amongst robot fans. The combination of lifting arm and overhead spike gave Mortis great flexibility and staying power.

  • Son of Smashy - A second Canadian ‘bot by Derek Young scores a piece of the fame pie. The middleweight features a pre-wound spring powered axe that is reset by electric winch during the match. Son of Smashy went 5 and 0 to win the 1999 BattleBots event in Long Beach.

  • Spiny Norman - The little 'bot that simply would not die in the '94 Robot Wars melee. The '94 melee was the first and only time that 'bots from all weight classes were pitted together. The crowd went completely ape cheering for Will Wright's indestructible marvel as it survived repeated attacks from 'bots 8 times its weight.

  • T-Minus - The smaller version of super-heavyweight champion Toro, middleweight T-Minus packed a huge full-pressure pneumatic flipper into a compact package. Class champion in BattleBots 5.0 – overall record 14 wins, 2 losses.

  • Vladiator - Super-heavyweight ‘bots were generally big, lumbering juggernauts until Gage Cauchois mated big Lynch motors into a titanium shell and put serious speed and power into the class. Vladiator bounces around the arena like a giant pinball with attitude. Class champion in BattleBots 3.0, second in 5.0, champion Mechwars 10 – overall record 18 wins, 5 losses.

  • Warhead - Who says the Brits can’t build spinners? The Razer team put together the most frightening internal combustion powered heavyweight weapon ever seen at BattleBots. The display of gyroscopic forces alone was awesome. Record: 5 wins, 1 loss.

Honorable Mention 2005

  • 3pd - The first beetleweight mentioned in the hall. The drum weapon Andrew Peterson put together is in perfect balance with the chassis and drive system. Record: 48 wins, 21 losses.

  • Dark Pounder - A pioneer in the era of magnet-bots back when steel arena floors were popular, Russ Barrow's antweight still maintains the best ant competition score on record: 77 wins, 12 losses.

  • Max Wedge - The first 'bot to score back-to-back RFL National championships. Mike Phillips has demonstrated the reliability and power of his dominating middleweight. Record: 39 wins, 8 losses.

  • Solaris - The first hobbyweight 'bot to be mentioned in the hall. Pete Covert kept refining Solaris until the powerful drum weapon was feared across the nation. Record: 42 wins, 12 losses.

Honorable Mention 2007

  • Big Nipper - A robust horizontal crusher/vertical lifter weapon mated to a heavilly armored 4WD chassis gives Graeme Dawson's Robot Wars veteran the staying power needed to be a consistent winner on the UK robot circuit.

  • CycloneBot - In spite of a competition score next to last in BotRank historic list, Michael Worry's full-body spinner remains a crowd favorite with 'melty brain' cyclone propulsion and a real-time 'tauntware' display that insults their opponent while rotating at full speed. Record: 11 wins, 20 losses.

  • Gravity - Arguably the most powerful flipper ever seen at Robot Wars, this Dutch champion became the model for a new generation of monster flippers in Europe. W. J. Dijkstra's team claims 4 to 5 tons of lifting force, enough to toss house robots like toys.

  • Storm 2 - The 2004 Robot Wars world champion and 7th Wars runner-up has unbeatable speed and ramming power. Team Captain Ed Hoppitt liked the Robot Wars arena so much that he bought it!

Honorable Mention 2009

  • Beauty 2 - This full-pressure CO2 flipper has dominated the UK featherweight circuit: 2009 champion, 2008 UK champion, 2007 Euro champion, 2007 Winter Tour champion, and 2007 Tag Team champion

  • Totally Offensive - Team Mad Overlord has refined the featherweight bar spinner to an art form. The 2004 and 2005 RFL national champion has a lifetime 47 win 19 loss record.

Honorable Mention 2011

  • Anticide - The dominant UK antweight, Andrew Hibberd's tiny flipper claims to be the most successful ant of all time. The chassis was made on a 3-D 'printer'. Successes include three consecutive Antweight Fighting Robot World Series wins.

  • Gyrobot - This odd antweight has no wheels, legs, or treads. It moves by inducing a gyroscopic reaction in its vertical spinning blade to tilt the robot from side to side and rotate by precession! Builders love strange designs.

  • Kronic - A full-pressure heavyweight flipper from the UK with a long record of success: 2005 Roaming Robots champion, 2006 International Challenge winner, 2010 Team Bud Challenge champion, and Fighting Robots Annihilator champion for 2010 and 2011.

  • Warrior SKF - Another oddball design beloved by builders. This Team Whyachi heavyweight flipper is powered by energy stored in a horizontal spinning ring. It's an interesting alternative to pneumatic flipper power, but hard on the flipper clutch!

Honorable Mention 2013

  • Upheaval - Team Mad Scientist's flipper totally owns the NERC featherweight sportsman class. This top ranked featherweight sportsman has won the Motorama Robot Conflict five years running. Since the start of 2009, the 'bot has run up an astounding 24 win / 1 loss record at that event.

  • Ziggy - In the twilight years of the superheavyweight combat class, one robot gained near-complete dominance. 'Ziggy' ran up a remarkable 11 match win streak at the premiere RoboGames event from 2006 thru 2010 to establish an unmatched five-year undefeated record at the tournament. CM Robotics' pneumatic 4-bar flipper tosses robots like ragdolls and can even punt a football more than 60 yards.

Honorable Mention 2015

  • Tetanus / Triggo - Team Brain Damage owns the featherweight class in the northeast US. Full-body spinner 'Tetanus' went 21-2 with five titles before being updated with a stronger shell, renamed 'Triggo', and adding on a 20-6 record and three more titles to date.

  • Touro Maximus / Minotaur - With a heavyweight title at RoboGames plus a BattleBots finals appearance, the aggressive drum spinners from Brazilian Team RioBotz have been making an impact on combat robotics since 2006. The team's well documented academic approach to robot design has influenced builders world-wide.

  • Weta, God of Ugly Things - Not only does Team Rolling Thunder's beetleweight drumbot have a 65% win record with multiple titles, but the kits they have made and sold based on the design have won their own strings of tournaments. Are the kits 'too good'? Some builders say 'yes'.

Honorable Mention 2017

  • ßeta - Team Hurtz wins the persistence award. Built for the original BattleBots, 'ßeta' was unable to compete due to unexpected arena conditions. ßeta returned 13 years later for the reboot but lost critical parts in shipping. In 2016 the stars aligned and 'ßeta' was able to demonstrate the mighty electric hammer, gaining fans worldwide!

Honorable Mention 2019

  • Huge / HUGE! - Gold Team (Rules) didn't pioneer giant flexible plastic wheels to combat robotics (credit that to 'Gabriel'), but they did add the coaxial spinner blade that 'perfected' the concept in feather and heavyweight classes.

  • Spectre / Quantum - The hydraulic crusher had been written off as a viable combat robot weapon years ago. Team Robo Challenge's success in China clearly demonstrates that the crusher is back!

Honorable Mention 2021

  • End Game - The 2020 Battlebots champion from New Zealand's team OYES Robotics gets some respect. Another strong run should get it more.

  • Nuts 2 - This simple, unlikely, flailing thwackbot went on an improbable streak in the 10th Robot Wars to land in third place. Everybody loves an underdog.

  • Shredit Bro - The two-time NHRL beetleweight tournament winner has proven that off-the-shelf components can be the basis of a terrifying competitor.

  • Whiplash - Three for three winning Battlebots tournament records, three times defeated by the eventual champion. Soon, Whiplash... Soon.

  • Witch Doctor - Who has more exciting fights at Battlebots? The votes say "nobody". Team Witch Doctor's great outreach to fans and new competitors helps.


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