The Combat Robot Hall of Fame ® - 2023 Ballot

2023 Nominations -- Open Ballot

Robot builders first voted in August of 2003 to name the top combat robots of all time. The Combat Robot Hall of Fame has re-opened for membership in August of each odd-numbered year since. Combat robot builders and fans have inducted a total of fourty-four combat robots from three continents as full members in the Hall, with thirty-nine robots gaining honorable mention. They achieved their status based on:

Detail from the 1996 Robot Wars poster - color modified.
  • Dominating success in combat
  • Pioneering or perfecting influential designs
  • Having great fan or entertainment appeal, or
  • Otherwise making a lasting impact on the sport.

You may list as many robots as you like on your ballot, but you may submit only a single ballot.
  • Robots appearing on at least 25% of the ballots will be added to the Honorable Mention roll and become eligible for promotion to full membership in future balloting.
  • Robots already on the Honorable Mention roll that appear on at least 50% of authenticated ballots will gain full membership in the Hall.
For 2023, notices of the open ballot and invitations to participate in the voting have been posted on combat robot builder forums world-wide.
A full explanation of the voting and selection process is available here: Useful Information for Combat Robot Hall of Fame Voters.

Balloting will close Sunday, August 20th at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

How to vote

Voters are required to take a quick five-question educational 'quiz' to make sure that everyone understands the balloting process and eligibility rules. Don't worry, you can't fail.

  1. Complete the quiz in the box below and receive your personal single-use code number.

  2. Enter that code number in the ballot form (below the quiz). Ballots received without a valid code number will not be counted.

  3. List all the combat robots you'd like to see added to the Combat Robot Hall of Fame and click the 'Vote' button to cast your ballot.

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