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TLC Robotica Season 1 Full Scores and Results

Each preliminary show in the first season of Robotica featured four robots paired off in a series of three challenges. The winners of each pairing faced each other in a sumo-style 'Fight to the Finish' to determine the winner of the show.

  • The first challenge was 'The Speedway'. Robots raced in opposite directions around a figure-8 track. Robots were awarded 10 points for each lap completed (up to 8), with an additional 20 points awarded to the winner. Two-minute time limit.
  • The second challenge was 'The Maze'. Robots negotiated obstacles in two identical, twisting courses that met in the middle. Five obstacles (teeter ramp, push box, rotating paddles, guillotine, and waterfall) worth 15 points each, plus 25 points for the first robot to the center platform. Three-minute time limit.
  • The third challenge was 'The Gauntlet'. Robots crashed through barrier walls of increasing difficulty. Five barriers (glass pane, paint cans filled with sand, bricks, concrete paving stones, and a heavy safe) worth 15 points each, plus 25 points to the first robot to complete the course. Three minute time limit.

Total points were added for the tree events to determine a winner. In the event of a tie, the robot who won the greater number of events advanced.

The winning robots from each pair then faced each other in 'The Fight to The Finish". This event took place on a 15' by 15' platform elevated high above the floor. A low guard rail surrounded the platform for the first minute, then fell away. Last robot on the platform moved on to the finals.

The finals worked the same way as the preliminary shows, except there were six robots competing in three pairs. Three robots met in the 'Fight to the Finish'.

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Mini Inferno - Jason Dante Bardis, Killer B - Chuck McManis, Run Amok - Mark Joerger, Spring Breaker - Rich Riendeau, Kritical Mass - Jeff Cesnik, Grimlock - Andre C. Anderson, Boelter Beast - Brian Posner, Hot Wheels - Mark Mayer, Ram Force - Andrew Lindsey, HandsOFF! - Chris Hannold , Pandora - John Skidmore, Solar Flare - Mariusz Zaczek, Wendingo - Patrick Campbell, i-Droid - Walter Martinez, Crisis Management - J.D. Streett, Jaw Breaker - Tim Berghoefer, Noll - David Dexter, Juggerbot - Mike Morrow, Hamerschlag - Dan Haeg, Krypler - Bob Knissel, Panzer Mk. I - Todd Mendenhall, Malvolio - Ray Ebert, Evil Beaver - Kyle Rader, Viper - Bob Allen