Photos and information about the robots that competed in the three seasons of the 'Robotica' competition on The Learning Channel (TLC).

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Photos and descriptions of the robotic competitors from all three seasons of the TLC / Discovery Channel program Robotica. Click on the navigation buttons above to view each season.

Season One
Mini Inferno - the tiny brute... Mini Inferno

A svelte 37lb of pure drivetrain. A simple 4-wheel drive box with lots of battery power and some new overvolted drill motors, all packed in a 4" tall carbon fiber/aluminum body with various spike & scoop attachment configurations. 2 Power-Sonic 12V 7Ah batteries in series provide 24V, 6V above the drills' original 18V battery packs. A pair of Vantec RDFR23 speed controllers run the motors -- 1 runs the front pair, the other the back pair. Infernolab - Mini Inferno

Killer B - sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the 'B' Killer B

Big go-cart pancake motors, a bundle of NiMh batteries, and a Vantec speed controller combine for plenty of speed and power. The radio gear is bundled in foam to isolate it from vibration and noise, and omniwheels in the front (ASR120/Polyurethane) provide stability and smooth gliding. Killer B page

Run Amok - was a lawn mower, became Robotica champion. Run Amok

Weighing in at 172 lbs., Run Amok is powered by a single Bosch 750 motor and features automotive-style steering. The aluminum front wedge is removable for additional clearance when needed. Much of the chassis and running gear came from an old riding lawn mower!

More info on Run Amok may be found at the Team Run Amok Home Page.

Spring Breaker: best paint at Robotica! Spring Breaker

Half stealth fighter, half eagle. Designed to deflect opponent's blows, Spring Breaker would be the winner of the 'best paint' award at any 'bot competition.

Kritical Mass: the blade-o-death! Kritical Mass

Six-wheel drive with variable ratios, steel armor, a whirling blade-o-death, and a very nasty carbide spike. Not what anyone would want to meet on a small platform eight feet off the ground! Team Suspect (archived).

Grimlock - in the impound. Grimlock

The hydraulic piercing jaws are built to chomp thru a 'bot before the operator even has time to scream. Ouch!

Boelter Beast - needs more ground clearance... Boelter Beast

Powerful and maneuverable, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers from UCLA needed just a little more ground clearance to be competitive. Are those wheels from a baby buggy??

Robotica Video Clip!

Hot Wheels - the Robotica competitor. Hot Wheels

It's fast, it's pointy, and it's even magnetized for added traction. Innovative steering mechanism allows both smooth turning and zero turn radius via a powered omni-wheel variant. Secret weapon? A rubber net!

Ram Force - out to win Robotica! Ram Force

With a chassis made of thick, bulletproof Lexan and lots of power to the 4-wheel drive, Ram Force is a multi-configuration wonder. The custom-built battery pack was nicknamed 'Mr. Fusion'. This team was out to win.

Team Force Robots (archived).

Hands Off! Up against the wall, robot boy! HandsOFF!

Weight: 202 lbs., Payload Capability: 300+ lbs, Top Speed: 10.5 mph, Drive: 4 - 24v electric motors with 16:1 gearing, 2 - 10x5 inch gocart slicks.
Weapons: 36 inch steel Rotor of Death (900rpm), 9 inch stainless steel spike. Power: 3-12v Odyssey PC545's. Armor :1/16" stainless steel and 1/2" lexan.
Control: Hitec 7ch PCM remote, 4QD Pro-120 speed controllers. (archived).

Pandora's Bot - artistic design! Pandora

Weighing in at 165 pounds, Pandora had the biggest batteries in the competition (45 amp hours!). An unusual design, Pandora featured a steel-ball flail, kitchen sink armor, and an innovative steering servo made from automotive scrap. Pandora was dismantled at the end of the competition, and her parts given freely away to other builders.

Pandora Web Site

Solar Flare at Robotice - Flame On! Solar Flare

Solar Flare is a wedge shaped vehicle made entirely out of aluminum with a top speed of only 3 MPH. It weighs in excess of 125lbs and has four 12" wheels at the rear and caster wheels on the front. The main weapon is a propane powered Flame Thrower that can shoot a flame over 2 feet. The control system for this vehicle is a home-made design using Motorola 68332 microcontrollers as the brains for the transmitter and receiver.

Solar Flare Web Site

Wendingo - Team Minus Zero at Robotica. Wendingo

Veteran robot fighters Team Minus Zero came in with a no nonsense design: a front lifting fork and power from 8 Jensen motors!

Team Minus Zero (Archived).

i-Droid competes at Robotica. i-Droid

210 lbs, two 24 volt gel cell batteries plus a 6 volt SLA battery, a Vantec ESC, two 24 volt electric wheelchair motors, a 12 volt linear actuator, a 12 volt electric wheelchair motor, two Team Delta R/C h-bridges, aluminum, steel, and 6 wheels! The weapon consists of a stainless steel pitchfork with an added spike used for stabbing or impaling the other robot. There are also two tusks in the front that travel up and down to lift the opponents.

Elusive Crisis Management - Robotica competitor. Crisis Management

Builder J.D. Streett is a movie special effects guy, and he built plenty special into this entry. It's a wedge, it's a cable cutter, it launches magnetic nets. Is there anything this 'bot doesn't do?

Unstoppable Jawbreaker! Jawbreaker

A 210 lb. monster that has two large eyes and a mouth capable of developing 1000 pounds of force. Jawbreaker's mouth can open and scoop other robots into his jaws and then hold them with eight titanium teeth. When Jawbreaker isn't eating other robots - he enjoys munching on stage curtains and Levi Strauss jeans worn by the pit crew. (archived).

Noll - the 'bot from Cal Poly. Noll

The team from Cal Poly SLO designed a little bit of everything into Noll: an overhead spike, pneumatic adjustable suspension, and tight-fitting steel armor. Maybe it's a little too complicated?

Juggerbot - no mercy. JuggerBot

JuggerBot: Over 200lbs of pure speed and power. The all-wheel drive system is powered by Hawker G13s through fully redundant electrical systems. An internal steel combat chassis delivers the full 10+ mph blow of drive motors mounted in external interchangeable drive modules. To contend with Robotica challenges, JuggerBot has over 2" of ground clearance and a 45 degree angle of approach/departure. The frontal battering ram doubles as a modular weapons mount for blades, wedges, and other unpleasantries.*

*mercy not included. Your actual carnage may vary.

Hamerschlag at Robotica. Hey, what's that blue thing? Hamerschlag

Name: Hamerschlag Weight: 90 lb.
Drive: four 18v Dewalt drill motors
Wheels: six 5" wheels with 1/2" thick cogged v-belt screwed in
Chassis: 3/8" lexan cover, 1/4" aluminum wedge, 4" x 4" x 1/8" aluminum tubechassis. Build Hours: 200

Robotica competitor Krypler. Krypler

I REALLY don't like the idea of having to deal with that saw! Built for combat, the compact Krypler is challenged to overcome the obstacles that it must overcome to reach the final fight, but the driver has a lot of R/C experience.

Panzer at Robotica - photo by Ray Ebert Panzer Mk. I

Big powerful motors, lotsa tires. What can go wrong with a combination like that? Builder Todd Mendenhall was president of the Society of Robotic Combat. Photo by Ray Ebert.

Malvolio at Robotica. Malvolio

90 pound wedge with a titanium spinner with one pound thwackers on the ends. The spinner spins at 1000 rpm and should transmit 2 kilojoules upon impact. Powered by Nicads, EV Warrior motors provide the drive. It's two wheel drive and armored with aluminum, Lexan, and titanium. The name Malvolio is from a disagreeable character in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
Archived website.

Hey Wally, it's the Evil Beaver! Evil Beaver

You have to love the Evil Beaver. The main body is an old computer case, the dual weapons are a chain saw and a terrifying cordless screwdriver.

6-wheeled Viper at Robotica. Viper

Six wheels of terror! The 'bot is indestructible and the driver is cool as ice. Great combination! Viper is 8" high, 40" long and 26" wide and weighs 206 lb. All 6 wheels are driven by two wheel chair motors running at 24 volts.

Plenty of clearance for Son of a Monkey's Wrench at Robotica. Son of a Monkey's Wrench (alternate - did not compete)

An alternate in the first season, they got to compete in season 2.

Robotica alternate Boxter - it floats! Boxster (alternate - did not compete)

Weight: 207 Lbs. Power: Two 3/4 hp PacSci motors @ 24v running Victor speed controls & Futaba PCM radio. Top speed: 12 MPH. All axle shafts, access panel and on/off switch had rubber waterproof seals (It actually floats), Monocoque frame from 1/8" 5052 aluminum, Runs on either side (2" or 4" ground clearance based on what side is up) Built just for the Robotica event with the obstacles in mind!

TLC Logo Negative Reinforcement (alternate - did not compete)

Built and designed by Glen Sears with team mate Joseph Whire, Negative Reinforcement is powered by two wheelchair motors running at 24 volts under the control of a pair of Victor 883 ESCs. Weapons? Try a 12" pneumatic spike and an 8 1/4" carbide tipped steel cutting saw blade on a retractable arm. It has a 3/4" steel tube frame. Armored with 1/4" lexan.

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