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TLC Robotica Season 3 Full Scores and Results

Robotica seasons 2 and 3 featured redesigned challenges. 'The Speedway' was gone, 'The Gauntlet' was redesigned. and 'The 'Maze' had been completely re-done and renamed 'The Labyrinth'.

The former side-by-side Gauntlet course was now arranged in a diamond-shape. The first barrier wall was now a wooden plank, the walls of metal cans, bricks, and concrete paving stones remained, and the safe was gone. Each 'bot had to complete their own two legs of the diamond and then return thru the opponent's rubble field before climbing a ramp up to the 'Forest of Glass'. When all the glass strips were broken, a final glass sheet lowered as the final challenge. Scoring was 10 points for each barrier, 5 points for each rubble wall, 10 points for first up the ramp, 5 points for second up the ramp, 15 points for the final glass pane. 150 total points available - 3 minute time limit

The former two-path 'Maze' was now a single 'Labyrinth' wherein both 'bots could roam to choose from six scoring obstacles. Also roaming the labyrinth were two 'rat' robots that could interfere with, or sometimes help the competitors. Breaking the glass strip beyond each obstacle claimed the points. Obstacles were:

  • Push Box - 15 points
  • Lifting Spikes - 15 points
  • Suspension Bridge - 20 points
  • Flipper - 20 points
  • Rollers - 25 points
  • Sand Box - 25 points
Robots started together in a rotating turntable, where combat was encouraged. A robot could be penalized the entire point total for an obstacle if they broke down or got stuck in a position that blocked access to the obstacle.

At the end of three minutes, or when all the obstacles were cleared, the exit opened. The final glass strip on the far side of the exit was worth 30 points. 150 total points available - 4 minute time limit.

The winning pair of 'bots faced each other in 'The Fight to The Finish". The platform was enlarged from season 1; it was now a 25' by 25' elevated platform. A new rule called for robots to hold the other robot 'pinned' for no more than 15 seconds before release. A low guard rail surrounded the platform for the first minute, then fell away. Last robot on the platform moved on to the finals.

For the finals, three pairs of robots competed in 'The Gauntlet'. The two robots with the lowest scores were eliminated, and the remaining four 'bots paired off for 'The Labyrinth'. The two winning 'bots met in 'The Fight to The Finish' to determine the champion.

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Dark Track - Russ Barrow, Rambot - Tom Sweeney, Particle Accelerator - Tom Hodo, Viper Revision 2 - Bob Allen, Panzer MK III - Todd Mendenhall, Re-Intriverter - Ted Shimoda, Zeus - Dominic Caridi, Terror - Mark Talcott, Jawbreaker's Revenge - Tim Berghoefer, Buzz Bomb - John Hoffman, Pangolin - Mike Adkins, Nemo's Nemesis - Andy Chen, Juggerbot 3.0 - Mike Morrow, Denominator - Chuck Bagby, Logoseye - Chris Gattman, Da Claw - David Hall, Ultra-Violence - Jeff Cesnik, Fury - Brian Ondov, Tiger Wood - Errol Miller, The Tick - David Gilson, Mini-Rip - Chris Hannold, Hammerhead - Israel Mathewson, Scrap 8.2 - Devin Ostrom, PSHHHT! - Tanya Bingham