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The Run Amok Spinner Weapon Calculator performs several functions to aid a builder in the design of an effective spinning weapon. More advanced graphic analysis of spinning weapon performance is available from the Run Amok Excel Spinner Spreadsheet.

The Calculator gives the mass and moment of inertia (MOI) of a rotary weapon made up of tubes, disks, and rectangular bars of known dimensions and material densities - and the MOI of impactors of known mass and distance from the rotational axis.

See: Example analyses of three weapon types

The Calculator provides the kinetic energy storage and approximate spin-up time for the weapon when powered by a specific PMDC electric motor. There are two versions of the calculator that differ in the style of motor that powers the spinner weapon:

Conversions between english / metric units are available in the section above the motor data inputs. Type a value into any field and click 'Convert' to obtain the value in the matching field above or below.
What do these weapon performance numbers mean? How much kinetic energy is enough? How quickly should your weapon spin-up? Is crazy high RPM a good idea? See the Ask Aaron Spinner Weapon FAQ.

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