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Zero Episode 1

Zero robot

A camoflaged truncated pyramid on wheels? OK, it's different. Douan Bingham's high-mounted milling cutter isn't much of a weapon, but you don't need much of a weapon to win Robotica.

Zero at the Robotica Wiki.

KaNuckle Buster Episode 1

KaNuckle Buster robot
Builder Ron Woodward made sure that KaNuckle Buster can handle the Gauntlet. The four-wheeled robot has a lifting plough and self-righting arms on each side to lift it over debris and other obstacles.

KaNuckle Buster at the Robotica Wiki.

Killa Gorilla Episode 1

Killa Gorilla robot
Builder Rob Farrow's checklist: Four wheels, four motors, an electric lifting arm, big tires, and a scary gorilla mask designed to "induce nightmares and paralysis in opposing drivers." It bounces. It hops. It tips over and tips back upright. Can anything stop it?

Killa Gorilla (AKA Silverback) at the BattleBots Wiki.

Tetanus Episode 1

Tetanus robot
Kevin Evans built a very practical robot with large wheels and plenty of speed and power. It's a little wide and long to slip thru the Robotica trials, but if the driver stays cool the bot has potential.

Tetanus at the Robotica Wiki.

Fintastic Episode 2

Fintastic robot
Edward Robinson of Team Tsunami is an interesting fella. He swollows swords, eats fire, and he built this 'bot that for all the world looks and moves like a shark. Weighing in at 218 lbs., the shovel-head is a pneumatic flipper. It has thrashed and bashed its way into the hearts of many fans.

Fintastic at the Robotica Wiki.

Scarab Episode 2

Scarab robot
It looks like a minivan with a Scuba tank inside. Martin Calsyn has his job cut out to get the tall Scarab thru the Gauntlet in one piece. Lots of places for debris to collect, but the big tires will help.

Scarab at the Robotica Wiki.

TakaTakaTak Episode 2

TakaTakaTak robot
Hinged floating drive units in the rear with automotive steering in the nose should be a good combination. Don Gibson may regret the low ground clearance he designed into his bot.

TakaTakaTak at the Robotica Wiki.

Flexy Flier Episode 2

Flexy Flier robot
Mike Konshak paid careful attention to the demands put on a 'bot by the Robotica challenges and built a laterally articulated invertible robot with a lot of ground clearance. All-wheel drive, six horsepower, and a lifting arm added to its versatility. For the 'Fight to the Finish" the two halves lock together and low-profile tires are mounted to compliment an effective front wedge. How can he lose?

Robot Dojo (archived).

Armorgeddon Episode 3

Armorgeddon robot
Jason Giddings' entry has a vacuum impeller to increase traction by creating a low-pressure area under the machine. The bot also has a compressed nitrogen powered piston powered capable of exerting more than 1000 poinds of force. If it can make it to the platform fight it will be tough to push off!

Armorgeddon at the Robotica Wiki.

Kraken Episode 3

Kraken robot
Eric Koss' bot wins the 'best paint' award for Season 2, hands down. Twin Magmotors provide huge 4-wheel drive speed, but is the driver disciplined enough to use it in moderation? Twin overhead pneumatic spike weapons will help - if the team can nurse it to the Fight to the Finish...

Kraken at the Robotica Wiki.

Metalmorphis Episode 3

Metalmorphis robot
A low combat 'bot sitting on top of a special high-rise dolly unit to give it additional clearance for the obstacles. Clever! Builder Dan Fetterly understands that controll is important for the Robotica challenges.

Metalmorphis at the Robotica Wiki.

Skewer Rat Episode 3

Skewer Rat robot
A wicked low wedge with a sharp lance weapon and a lot of speed. How is it going to get thru the Labyrinth? Builder Mike Fobes is going to have his hands full.

Skewer Rat at the Robotica Wiki.

Whyatica Episode 4

Whyatica robot
Team Whyachi seem to believe that there is no problem that cannot be solved by power. If the problem is Robotica, the solution must be a whole lot of power! Twenty-four horsepower in a titanium chassis with a electric actuator plow-lift all combine in a compact package. Can it be controlled?

Team Whyachi

Jav Man Episode 4

Jav Man Robot
Greg Ferree decided that tank treads were the solution to getting thru the Gauntlet and the Labyrinth, and that's a viable approach. It's weapon is very small, which may hurt its chances if 1-on-1 combat breaks out.

Jav Man at the Robotica Wiki.

InTriVerter Episode 4

InTriVerter Robot
Ted Shimoda built something unique. Massive pancake motors, three tall wheels, and a near-suicidal attraction to going airborne. It can't be stopped, but can the arena contain it?

InTriVerter at the Robotica Wiki.

Deb Bot Episode 4

Deb Bot - too light or too fast?
Jeff Vasquez has reflexes like a cat and he uses them to keep up with Deb Bot. Lightning fast, nimble, and presenting a small frontal area -- Deb Bot shows what speed and compact design can accomplish. Unusual but powerful Astroflight 90 model aircraft motors provided plenty of power for the bite-sized 'bot, and the lifting arm could prove very useful.

Fast Electric Robots (archived)

Ill Tempered Mutt Episode 5

Ill Tempered Mutt robot
It looks like Ken Benner built the Ill Tempered Mutt to slip thru the rubble in The Gauntlet fast and smooth. If the Mutt can handle The Labyrinth, it could work out very well. They have an impressive drum spinner weapon to mount if they can make it to the 'Fight to the Finish'.

Ill Tempered Mutt at the Robotica Wiki.

Wizard of Saws Episode 5

Wizard of Saws Robot
Dave Northrup made a very photogenic 'bot! It looks like a winner - tracks, a whole mouth full of circular saw blades, and fully enveloping armor. It was featured in the TV commercials for Season 2, but will performance match appearance?

Wizard of Saws at the Robotica Wiki.

Shannonagains Episode 5

Shannonagains Robot
Thomas Rogers took his daughter's Power Wheels Monster Truck and upgraded everything, then turned it into a Robotica competitor! The front plow can lift to clear debris -- could help!

Shannonagains at the Robotica Wiki.

Mechacidal Maniac Episode 5

Mechacidal Maniac Robot
Not simple! Eight motors, wheels that can point independently in any direction, and wiring that looks like an Italian dinner. Brian Nave usually builds spinners... this should be interesting.

Mechacidal Maniac at the Robotica Wiki.

Monkey's Wrench Episode 6

Son of a Monkey's Wrench robot
John Adipietro gave up on electronic motor controllers and went old school with simple on/off relay contactors. The lack of fine motor control worries me, as does the amount of armor overhanging the wheels. Plenty of room for debris to jam in there.

Son of a Monkey's Wrench at the Robotica Wiki.

Botzilla Episode 6

Botzilla robot
Fully suspended tracks like a military tank give Botzilla a smooth ride and great traction. The electric actuated arm adds versatility. Tank treads are complex and tend to create problems, but maybe builder Lawrence Feir understands the challenge...

Botzilla at the Robotica Wiki.

Northern Fury Episode 6

Northern Fury robot
Northern Fury is a good example of thrifty robot construction. Motors and electronics couldn't be skimped on, but Charles Halliburton found everything else either cheap, borrowed, or recycled. The frame was created from garage door opener support brackets, the armor is scrap 1/4" aluminum, and the batteries are from surplus uninterruptible power supplies.

Team Fury Website

Thor Episode 6

Thor robot
David Roy is the youngest competitor at Robotica. He had an unpleasant surprise at weigh-in: Thor was 50 pounds overweight! David worked thru the night to shave off the excess pounds. The robust, 4-wheel drive 'bot should do very well in The Labyrinth.

Thor at the Robotica Wiki.

The Labyrinth Rats House Robots

The Labyrinth Rats
"Most of the technical details concerning the Robotica Rats are classified but I can tell you there is an experienced Hollywood SFX team in control of them. Pay close attention to their behavior - not only do they impede and attack the competitors at times but they can also give them a hand in the Labyrinth!"

- Robotica host Dan Danknick


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