Photos and information about the robots that competed in the three seasons of the 'Robotica' competition on The Learning Channel (TLC).

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Photos and descriptions of the robotic competitors from all three seasons of the TLC / Discovery Channel program Robotica. Click on the navigation buttons above to view each season.

Season Three
Viper Revision 2 - photo by Team Litewav Viper Revision 2

The original version of Viper was a season 1 finalist that demonstrated more pushing power than anyone could match. The new 'revision' has more speed and even more power than the original -- but aluminum and Lexan have replaced steel. Is it robust enough to meet the challenge?

Dark Track - Robotica coffee grinder. Dark Track

Go tank, go! Powered by six EV Warrior motors with a lot of chains and sprockets, Russ Barrow's Dark Track has quickness to match the mobility provided by its treads. Front ramming spikes and a rear lifting wedge make it well armed, but it sounds like two coffee grinders making love.

Rambot - photo by Team Litewav Rambot

Somebody was paying attention! Tom Sweeney's Rambot bears great resembalance to season 1 winner, 'Run Amok'. Tom's 'bot is tank steered, all-wheel drive, and has a pneumatic ram that emerges from the Lexan front wedge to ram an opponent over onto their back.

Zeus - photo by Team Litewav Zeus

More armor plates than a turtle at the crusades! Zeus was built to take a beating, but can it give as good as it takes?

Terror Terror

Heavy armor! Mark Talcott's boxy 'bot looks ready for the Fight to the Finish with well protected wheels and a pneumatic spike. Can he make it that far, or will a more nimble 'bot set him aside?

Jaw Breaker's Revenge - photo by Team Litewav Jaw Breaker's Revenge

Hydraulic titanium jaws with 3000 pounds of force are enough to intimidate anyone! Returning finalists from Robotica season 1, Team Jawbreaker have moved up the bar for season 3. Can they control the wild beast? Will revenge be theirs?

John Hoffman's Buzz Bomb Buzz Bomb

John Hoffman's little robot is the smallest and lightest robot in the competition. It's packed with power -- can it outrun or outmaneuver it's opponents?

Pangolin - a different kind of beast. Pangolin

A Pangolin ia a funny-looking mammal with hairy scales. Mike Adkins' Pangolin is not funny-looking at all! Six-wheel drive and an intricate interlocking chassis should make it maneuverable and hard to stop. Six-wheel 'bots have a very good record at Robotica.

Nemo's Nemesis - photo by Team Litewav Nemo's Nemesis

The widest 'bot in the competition, Andy Chen pushed Nemo's Nemesis all the way out to the maximum allowable 48" mark. Twin pneumatic front 'kickers' knock a clear path for the wide beast. Will it fit thru the Labyrinth?

Juggerbot 3.0 - the boys in blue. Juggerbot 3.0

Juggerbot was the fastest ram-bot at the first Robotica. They made it all the way to the final 'Fight to the Finish' before their luck turned sour. Juggerbot 3.0 is even a greater threat than the original. Power, speed, control, and a high-pressure pneumatic flipper all add up to a very serious contender.

Logoseye - a spin-off! Logoseye

Chris Gattman is lead singer for the NorthWest band LogosEye. He used to rock with Team Juggerbot, but wanted to call the shots on his own team, so Logoseye was born. Did enough of Juggerbot's magic rub of on Chris?

Da Claw - photo by Team Litewav Da Claw

Undoubtedly the most expensive 'bot at Robotica. The odd-bot has no wheels but relies on 'shufflebot' propulsion. The articulated arm and grasping claw could grab and lift another 'bot to its doom -- if it works.

Ultraviolence - photo by Team Litewav -- Watch your yarbles, malchick. Ultraviolence

Jeff Cesnik and his team fell a few inches short of making the 'Fight to the Finish' in the finals of the first Robotica. Jeff is back with a more powerful rotating blade weapon that could rain 'bot pieces down from the rafters. I hope their opponent is made out of something durable...

Fury - photo by Team Litewav Fury

Brian Ondov and John Blackburn of Team Attrition built the 210 pound Fury. The unusual design allows the 24 inch, 3000 RPM vertically-rotating pipe/chisel weapon to function inverted. Shown here without the Lexan and steel armor, the 'bot has a top speed of 15 MPH.

Tiger Wood - photo by Team Critter Tiger Wood

Take a close look at the photo. Yes, Errol Miller made this robot chassis and armor entirely out of red oak. Why? If you look up the structural properties of oak, you'll find that it is extremely strong for it's weight. I sure hope he doesn't fight a robot with a powerful rotating blade...

The Tick - photo by Team Litewav The Tick

David Gilson builds fun robots. He built the wildest 'bot at Robot Wars Extreme Warriors and he built a distinctive 'bot for Robotica. The Tick may very well be indestructible, but if it isn't David will just smile and build something else cool.

Mini-Rip - photo by Team Litewav Mini Rip

Veteran Team Litewav had some trouble at the first Robotica competition. Chris Hannold and his team are back to take another run with a completely different design. The wheelbase is very short, which will help with debris crawling but will also make control very touchy.

Hammerhead - photo by Team Litewav Hammerhead

Israel Mathewson built combat 'bots before Hammerhead, but nobody ever built a 'bot quite like this! Inspired by the maneuverability of the log trucks in Oregon, Hammerhead pivots and swivels at it's center point to steer and step over obstacles with all-wheel drive.

Scrap 8.2 - mostly homebrew. Scrap 8.2

Devin Ostrom had a warehouse full of scrap parts to pick thru for robot parts. He pieced together an aggressive six-wheel design with a front lifting step and a unique rear 'pivot hammer' that extends when the 'bot spins. It looks like the 'bot can do it all if the homebrew electronics hold together.

Pshhht! - pink 'bots rule! PSHHHT!

Tanya Bingham is the only female driver to compete at Robotica. Husband Douan campaigned 'Zero' in Robotica season 2 and Tanya wanted to get in on the action. The 'bot is a classic wedge design with a small vertical flywheel weapon at the rear. The short wheelbase makes the 'bot tricky to drive.

Steven Phelps and 'The Dredge'. The Dredge (did not compete)

Steven Phelps built a really big 'bot: four feet long by four feet wide with huge golf cart tires and thick wooden bumpers at either end. Steven claims "It was the largest and strongest of all competitors." Power came from two series-wound winch motors with custom built controllers. It turned out a few pounds over the weight limit and did not compete.

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