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Back in March of 2003 Team Run Amok started 'Ask Aaron' to answer the occasional robot combat question sent to our team. Twenty years and 7200 questions later we're still here and still fielding a very broad range of practical, theoretical, arcane, obscure, and sometimes just plain silly questions.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we looked back at the first published version of 'Ask Aaron' -- a single page with just seven questions and a robot haiku. This inspired a return to those humble roots with a Combat Robot Haiku Contest.

Our 15th anniversary celebrated Ask Aaron's favorite recurring element: the 'What ever happend to...' Mad Lib. Fans contributed new 'Mad Lib' replys to frequently asked questions we've tired of answering. See the results of our Combat Robot Mad Lib Contest.

The big 20th anniversary contest turned to images of combat robots created by an artificial intelligence graphics program. Can you identify the robot the AI started with from the final image? Some are easy and some are not. Give it a try at the Secret Robot Identity Contest.

The History of 'Ask Aaron'

All it says at the top of the 'Ask Aaron' webpage is:

Team Run Amok receives a lot of email asking about the design and operation of combat robots. In 2003 my son and team member Aaron Joerger (then 12 years old) asked for a question and answer page to document our responses.

That was the start of the story, but a lot of what happened in the years since slipped away unrecorded -- until now. For the 15th aniversary of 'Ask Aaron' I've sifted thru the old files and restored to glory a few early versions of our combat robot question and answer page to show how it has evolved and adapted. The pages have working links, but I've turned off the scripts for searches and question submittal.

Restored archives
Raw archives

You can access other 'Ask Aaron' snapshots thru the Internet Archive 'Wayback Machine'. The pages may not have all the images, and they will be slow to load -- but there are dozens of capture dates from which to pick:

The Astounding 'Ask Aaron' Word Cloud

Notable 'Ask Aaron' Milestones:

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